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|weaponperk=[[Fast Reload]]
|weaponperk=[[Fast Reload]]
|params0=AP: 5, Range: 35
|params0=AP: 5, Range: 35
|params1=AP: 6, Range: 30, Rounds: 10, No-Spread
|params1=AP: 6, Range: 30, Rounds: 10

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This rifle has been more widely used by armed forces than any other rifle in history. It's a reliable assault weapon for any terrain or tactical situation.
Damage 22 - 33
Single AP: 5, Range: 35
Aimed Attack Yes. Single AP +1(2) AP
Burst AP: 6, Range: 30, Rounds: 10
Damage type Normal
Weapon Perk Fast Reload
Ammo 7.62mm
Ammo capacity 20
Strength required 5
Type Two-handed
Possible buffs for Weapons
Deterioration Yes
Weight 4082 grams
Base price 3340 caps
Crafting Table
Fnfal.gif x 1
Requirements Profession: Gunsmith (Small Guns): 2
Blueprints Yes
Resources 1 x Firewood.gif
2 x Metal trash2.gif
3 x Alloys.gif
2 x Alloys2.gif
Tools Adv workbench.png
XP 300 info maybe outdated

Weapon has the Fast Reload weapon perk.

Basic information

This weapon is inferior to the XL70E3 in most regards. However, the upgraded version -- the FN FAL HPFA -- is a burst powerhouse that uses cheap and effective 7.62mm NATO ammunition. Aside from that, this can be a good weapon to craft if you don't want to foot the bill for the XL70's parts and ammunition, but you still need a solid burst weapon. It also has a relatively cheap blueprint.

You can buy a blueprint from Jacob in the Hub for 20.000 caps.


The Belgian Fusil Automatique Leger, (light automatic rifle) designed by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal, is a venerable and time-tested weapon -- the NATO-equivalent of the similarly venerable AK-47. Both weapons became ubiquitous in their respective spheres of influence. As the Cold War carried on and intensified, the weapons were replaced by their primary users, but less-fortunate satellite nations from both sides of the conflict retained the weapons, and replaced FALs lined national armories. As such, the FAL has become a coveted favorite amongst the wastes of former nations that were enrolled in NATO.

The weapon was designed when members of NATO agreed on standardization of weapons across nations so that they could better equip each other in the event of massive conventional warfare. The FAL was one of the candidates, with each nation judging it on merit individually. The Americans had their own M-14 ready at the time, and as such it was favored -- in no small part thanks to the M-14's basis on the M1 Garand, which was seen by the Americans as the best rifle in the world after WWII. However, most other nations found the FAL more than adequate in its performance and did not hesitate to adopt it. Despite American exceptionalism, the standardization initiative did achieve a significant victory in the uniform battle rifle round: the 7.62mm NATO round, which supplied both the M-14 and the FAL.

Curiously, the Americans had always preferred to use their own high quality weapons manufactured by Colt, but the post-war arms trade has seen a very large amount of these introduced to the California wasteland and its surrounding area. Perhaps its dated, yet simple and effective design lend itself much better to wasteland use, trade, and manufacture than the more sophisticated weapons used in the Resource Wars.


Skill Small Guns
None Requirements
Can be crafted
9mm Mauser · 10mm Pistol · Red Ryder BB Gun · Shotgun
Gunsmith (Small Guns) 1
.44 Magnum Revolver · .44 Magnum (Speed Load) · Desert Eagle .44 · Desert Eagle (Exp. Mag.) · Hunting Rifle · Scoped Hunting Rifle · Tommy Gun · M3A1 "Grease Gun" SMG · Sawed-Off Shotgun · Combat Shotgun · Grenade pistol FN 69A1
Gunsmith (Small Guns) 2
14mm Pistol · .223 Pistol · Needler Pistol · 10mm SMG · M79 Grenade Launcher · H&K P90c · H&K CAWS · Sniper Rifle · Assault Rifle · Assault Rifle (Exp. Mag.) · FN FAL
Rare SG weapons
Can not be crafted
PPK12 Gauss Pistol · M72 Gauss Rifle · FN FAL (Night Sight) · FN FAL HPFA · H&K G11 · H&K G11E · Pancor Jackhammer · Jonny's BB Gun · Red Ryder LE BB Gun
Skill Big Guns
None Requirements. Can be crafted Flamer
Profession: Gunsmith (Big Guns) 1 M60
Profession: Gunsmith (Big Guns) 2 Light Support Weapon · Minigun · Rocket Launcher · Incinerator
Rare BG weapons. Can not be crafted Bozar · Vindicator Minigun · Avenger Minigun
Skill Energy Weapons
None Requirements. Can be crafted Laser Pistol
Profession: Energy Expert 1 Magneto-Laser Pistol
Profession: Energy Expert 2 Plasma Pistol · Plasma Pistol (Ext. Cap.) · Laser SMG · YK32 Pulse Pistol · Laser Rifle · Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.) · Plasma Rifle
Rare EW. Can not be crafted Alien Blaster · Gatling Laser · Laser Support Weapon · Solar Scorcher · Phazer · Turbo Plasma Rifle · YK42B Pulse Rifle