La Grange

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Before the bombs, La Grange was a historical part of California's once prosperous gold rush. Now, it is just a shadow of its former self; a long forgotten memory.

This location is not finished.

Surface is swarmed with members of the "Rippers" gang.

Staircase on the South side leads nowhere, while Staircase on the North side leads to the underground level with 2 magic lockers guarded by 3 Ripper Generals with 1209-1245HP and armed with Light Support Weapon, Rocket Launcher and H&K CAWS, respectively.


Zone 21:24

Possible Loot

  • Vic skin robe
  • NOTE: All weapons and armors dropped by magic locker are Advanced or Unique, except for Desert Combat Armor




Fun Fact

In the southern part of the building where La grange survivors are held, there is a separate room with 4 bath tubs and 4 NPCs named "Generic Slut 2"

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