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Hflthraa sw.gif
A young woman who looks like she's in love, or drunk. You aren't quite sure.
HP 116
Weapon Hunting Rifle
Location Shady Sands in the Rawhide Saloon
Quests Love, or Something Like It
Training (none)
Perks (none)
Trading Does not Barter

She's in the Rawhide Saloon so she might be drunk, but she will tell you she's in love with someone "not far away" in town. She acts almost giddy about it, and gets easily excited that you're going to deliver a letter for her.

See Also

  • Mira is tending the bar
  • Lenny the Mutant is drinking a lot, and might insult you
  • Kevin is hanging out in the bar near Lenny
  • Harris has little to say these days
  • Rollo badly needs a First Aid Kit