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In need of good company?

The Red Riders is a faction that primary focuses on teamship. We recruit everyone! Except if you're one of the bad guys. By joining we will help you out and maybe group up and do some stuff together. Our goal is to have a bunch of cool people in it and hangout. Any newbies who wants to join will be helped out :).Our greatest allies are the Emergency Medics and the Reactor Punks! Special thanks to them for helping out :D.

The only rules in the faction is don't be toxic and try not to be too much inactive. This means being inactive for a period over 4 weeks can get you expelled, we don't want some players that only stay here a week or two. Except if you have already been on alot when going inactive then it should be fine, remember to give a notice though.

If you wanna contact the Red Riders Danny is normally at hub, if he's not he's probably eating curry or at school.

Due to the wipe that has occurred the Red Riders have significantly been downsized and we are trying to get rebuilded, we need your help!

Leader: Danny

Officer: EMPTY :(

The true purpose is a mystery to all. Those who seek will not find answers. In order to get the wisdom of the Red rider you must find the cup of wisdom and take a sip.