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Here they are:
These are newer locations added to [[The World|the map]], some with serious challenges inside.
==Abandoned Homestead==
==Abandoned Homestead==
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Zone 14:7
Zone 14:7
==See Also==
* [[Special Encounters]]
* [[Group Encounters]]
* [[Odd Encounters]]
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These are newer locations added to the map, some with serious challenges inside.

Abandoned Homestead

Out in the distance you can see what appears to be figures of people standing around an old, abandoned farm house. You wonder what's over there...

Zone 34:20

Badega Bay

This is a small, remote San Francisco fishing bay. It's an independent outpost, but it's still protected by the Chinese. It looks relatively safe.

Zone 6:20

Breakwater Farms

This farm looks like it's seen better days. It's not quite dead, but it's dying. Might be worth checking out if you can get past all the bodies...

Zone 19:35

Dead Horse Bay

This area is hereby condemned to darkness. A strange man lives here, and kills everyone that ventures forth. Do you dare challenge his sovereignty? The Hermit Man is always ready.

Zone 38:58

Gecko Sanctuary

You can see what appears to be a large gathering of Geckos, and much... larger predators...out in the distance. Be careful around here.

Zone 10:15

West Side Freeway

This place looks like a car cemetery. No doubt the perfect spot for an ambush. Tread carefully.

Zone 20:30

Winston Family Mansion

This place looks like a warzone! Wonder what's going on? It doesn't look very safe though...there's people with guns everywhere.

Zone 2:8

Woodland Fields

A once peaceful meadow has no become a dead zone. Walking in here probably isn't a very good idea. But you can't see anything bigger than critters haunting this place...

Zone 14:7

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