Trisha the Scavenger

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A really busy looking elderly woman in front of a desktop that is fully covered in more and less valuable junk.
HP 170
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Location Boneyard Salvagers
Quests (none)
Training (none)
Perks (none)
Trading No Barter option
Buys eparts and junk via dialogue
Other makes Poisoned Throwing Knifes

She will buy as much Junk and as many eparts as you can sell, and never seems to run out of Caps. She pays 20 Caps per single piece of Junk, and 50 Caps per Electronic Parts.

Can make 10 Poisoned Throwing Knifes if bring her 10 Throwing Knifes, 4 Scorpion Tails and 100 Caps.