Combat Difficulty Staircase

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Combat Difficulty Staircase
A suggested list of PvE combat challenges in order of difficulty, meant to help orient newer players.
Season Originally for S2
Status Need to add S3 updates
Completion 45%
Authors Henry
This Chapter Title Page
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Notes Could add each Caravan
Needs major updating for S3

Attention All Newer Players

You want to get tougher, right? You know you need to get more skilled in combat, so here is a list of challenges you should handle. Each player starts this skill journey at a different place. Some guys have trouble beating the Black Claw scorpions, but everyone should press on! Start where you want, and keep at it until you can solo it with authority. Then step up to the next one. Think of this as self-imposed training. When you're ready to begin, solo these in Real-Time mode (listed here in suggested order of difficulty):

You're doing very well once you beat the GR mutie cave quest, but you're not done yet! Expect a tough time at Ares Rocket Silo. And everyone dies solo'ing Warehouse a lot - just keep trying. You'll get it. If anyone can do it, then so can you!

For tougher challenges, bring your better gear, crafted with bonus stats. Remember, this list is all PvE. The real challenge is PvP, but climbing this PvE staircase might help get you there.

Unsorted, to be Added to this List