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Crafting allows players to create brand new Items out of raw materials. To craft an item you may need to have the necessary crafting profession, the required resources, sometimes a specific tool, and in many cases the appropriate Blueprints. You can craft some:

Crafted Items and Chance for Bonus Stats

Advanced Combat Armor

Possible buffs for Armors

Unique Plasma Rifle

Possible buffs for Helmets

Advanced Laser Pistol

Possible buffs for Weapons

Each item with buffs has a prefix, based on the number of buffs

  • 1 - Quality (25% chance)
  • 2 - Improved (12% chance)
  • 3 - Superior (7% chance)
  • 4 - Advanced (3% chance)
  • 5 - Unique (1% chance)

There is almost 50% chance that a crafted item will have at least 1 bonus stat. Moreover, all bonuses other than N/L/F/P/E Res/Thr (and possibly -crit chance/power) will still apply even if the equipped armor is fully broken.

Item Enchanting

Player can improve his Weapon/Armor with crafting bonuses in following NPCs:

* Flick in Den - Small Guns
* Marcus in Broken Hills - Big Guns
* Skeeter in Gecko - Energy Weapons
* Sulik in Klamath - Melee and Throwing weapons
* Balthas in Modoc - Armors

It costs 10k Caps and you have to keep an item you want to enchant in main hand slot.

Possible results:

* 25% - adding 1 additional crafting bonus (can be added to items that already have them but won't go over max number of bonuses)
* 35% - item will be destroyed, player will get some junk depending on item type
* 10% - item will be fixed - current and maximum condition will be increased by 10 (won't go over 100)
* 30% - nothing happens

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