Dr. Fung

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Dr. Fung
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Dr. Fung, a shrunken old man in a white robe.
HP 138
Weapon Unarmed
Location Downtown San Francisco.
Quests (none)
Training Profession: Doctor
Perks Faster Healing
Trading Barters medical supplies
Other He can install Implants
Cures most medical issues for a small fee
Has a tad bit of lore about San Fran.

Dr. Fung at his office in San Francisco.

"Who am I? I am Dr. Fung. I teach and heal."


Dr. Fung is an elderly doctor of Chinese descent. He has been living in San Francisco for many years and is considered a local scholar on the history of the area. He is affiliated with the the Shi.


Training in the Doctor profession:

As a Merchant, he will offer medical supplies including...