Empty Jet Canister

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Empty Jet Canister
An empty Jet canistser, much like thousands of others.
Primary Use Crafting Jet
Alternate Use
Weight 0 grams
Base Price 1 caps

Empty Jet Canister is an item used to craft Jet.


A small side note: Jules will refuse to talk to you if you have less than 4 Intelligence. You can use Mentats and temporarly raise your Intelligence by 2 points. Alternatively you can use a statted Armor with +1 to Intelligence or both at the same time if your Intelligence is really low. Jules will sell you a single canister for 20 caps or a batch of 20 canisters for 360 caps.
  • Can be found randomly in Caves
  • Carried by certain critters
  • Empty Jet Canisters may sometimes also be obtained after using Jet
  • They can also be randomly looted from shelves, desks and other containers present through out The World.

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