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Reloaded.cfg is a Configuration file that holds values regarding keyboard binds and user interface.

It is edited by ReloadedConfig.exe.


  • DisplayNames=1 - turn on(1)/off(0) players names above head
  • Fog=1 - turn on(1)/off(0) fog of war
  • FogColor=0 0 0 64 - sets color fow
  • MouseScroll=1 - turn on(1)/off(0) mouse scroll
  • DisplayTCZones - WIP
  • DisplayTC=1 - WIP
  • Autosave=0 - WIP
  • Awarness=1 - turn on(1)/off(0) awarness support perk
  • IgnoreLangChange=1 - turn on(1)/off(0) lang change
    • There are only two languages: English and Russian. If this parameter is off, you can accidentally switch language
  • ShowNPCAwarness=1 - turn on(1)/off(0) current hp/max hp displayed above NPC's heads. F7 to change this temporarily in-game
  • ShowPlayerAwarnes=1 - turn on(1)/off(0) current hp/max hp displayed above players heads. F9 to change this temporarily in-game


  • AimGroin=Shift X - set aim to groin by click Shift+X (each aim set is displayed in left-up corner ingame)
  • AimUncalled=Shift+Tab - stop aim
  • UseBind0=X |144 40 273 - see FO2238Config.exe
  • UseBind1=Ctrl Z - see FO2238Config.exe
  • AimLeftLeg=Shift Z - set aim to left leg by click Shift+Z
  • ToggleRoof=Ctrl R - turn on/off roofs
  • AimEyes=Shift W - set aim to eyes by click Shift+W
  • Reload=R - reload weapon by click R
  • AimLeftArm=Shift A - set aim to left arm by click Shift+A
  • AimTorso=Shift S - set aim to torso by click Shift+S
  • AimHead=Shift 2 - set aim to head by click Shift+2
  • AimRightLeg=Shift C - set aim to right leg by click Shift+C
  • AimRightArm=Shift D - set aim to right arm by click Shift+D
  • ToggleWall=Ctrl W - turn on/off walls (really helpful to turn off when cave searching or locker hunting)
  • ScienceAtHex=Ctrl V - dismantle all possible items(up to 100 at one time) you stay at and all resources from that go to your inventory when click ctrl+v.