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The Different FOnline Servers
A guide to the various different FOnline games/servers.
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First of all, you should go here to see the list of servers and a current status for each, which includes player connection counts, sequential days online, website links, brief descriptions, etc.

As you can see, Reloaded is not the only FOnline game available. The FOnline player community gets more and more divided each time someone decides to host yet another version, and yet each version offers a wider variety of features, development ideas, and support. Players gravitate to whichever feature set they like best, and developers keep an eye on the best of the other servers. A healthy competition has emerged, which has turned the whole FOnline project into a fun rivalry - a race to see...which FOnline is best! And now you might say to yourself, "War...war never changes."

NOTE: The following list is not complete, and any status shown here is unreliable. Check corresponding sites for current status info:

FOnline Reloaded

ACTIVE: Our glorious server in its 3rd season, hosted by Kilgore, DocAN, and mojuk. With development support from Wipe, Slowhand, Corosive, and a few who like to remain in the shadows.

FOnline Battleground

OFFLINE: A pure PvP experience, like an advanced super-Hinkley, presented by Kilgore. Based on an older project called FOnline: Wasteland 2155, it features Team vs Team mechanics in a single large arena, and kill awards like in Unreal Tournament documented here.

FOnline 2238

RETIRED after 6 seasons of active development by The Rotators. This is arguably the most famous FOnline server. Its SDK was used to get Reloaded started. By the end of it's story, many things were added, including these very few:

  • Helmet Slot in character screen with corresponding helmet armor items.
  • 10 tents per character, expanded from 1
  • Ranger perk and Safe House with workbench
  • The ever-popular Gunrunners Mutant quest

FOnline TLA Mark II

OFFLINE: Famous server with many features, pre-dates 2238. TLAmk2 is one of the oldest FOnline projects. Progressive server based on the FOnline: The Life After content with many unique and interesting features/additions, as well as variety of of content. There is a working rewards system for donations. Multilog in PvP is allowed. Some slow bugs and technical problems have been reported.

FOnline The Life After

RETIRED: Original source for TLA Mark II (above).

FOnline Requiem

ACTIVE: Created on motives of 4th OBT session of the FOnline: TLA, but since then things have changed (new weapons, interface elements, a lot of quests, locations, etc.). The game is very community-oriented and progressive. Resulting in a lack of atmosphere, the presence of gaming slang in the content, the word balance is relevant only in the context of mass PvP.

FOnline Australia

RETIRED: Takes place in Australia. The server is quite different from the others (new locations and ability to meet the crowd of zombies, or build a farm). Geographically, the server is also in Australia, and is more for fun than for PvP.

FOnline Ashes of Phoenix

OFFLINE: Under active and aggressive development, Ashes of Phoenix take place in Arizona, where all active players mainly focused on Phoenix - biggest game location represented by a large of number of locations connected to each other with grids. There is very original battle system on the server. PvP is almost the only occupation of players, and Town Control]] is replaced by Zone Control. There is no donate for reward on server. Multilog is not allowed in PvP.

FOnline Survivors

RETIRED after a few months of active support by Spiritwind. Was put online when 2238 was retiring. Back then, it was not immediately clear if the new servers would preserve the game the way 2238 fans wanted. After a few months though, it was clear that Reloaded was already a success. Featured a 9th perk at level 30.

FOnline Last Frontier

UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Russian server with new version of FOnline engine.

FOnline 2

ACTIVE: Breaking the standard naming convention, and choosing a name that suggests its the second version of FOnline (which is not the case), it is under active development and support and has attracted a significant portion of the FOnline player community. Was one of the new servers being developed while 2238 was about to be retired, and brought online early when 2238's end was announced. It was buggy at first due to early online status, but has been well stabilized since then. The project emphasizes Fallout 1-2 canon and is well-developed and balanced. Main occupation of FOnline 2 players is PvP. Multilog in PvP is not allowed. At the same time, there is not enough content to explore the game world by players.

FOnline: Goon Haven


FOnline: EL

RETIRED: A new server from the Russian-speaking community, based on TLA SDK. There is some new content, locations and unique weapons.

FOnline: TMH

RETIRED: Too Much of Heaven is a very specific server based on FOnline SDK with additional features such as teleportation.

FOnline: FO4You

OFFLINE: A 2238-based server with minor changes and enhancements.

FOnline: The New Future

OFFLINE: A revival of the famous roleplay server from the Russian community. Currently this is the only roleplay-server, which is not particularly warm to random PvP. There is a lot of content and a variety of interesting features (hunger, realistic system of limb injuries). There are private location for heavy-RP.

FOnline: Battle Royale

OFFLINE: Survival arena-style. Player starts game in random place and trying to survive by finding safe places or items in random crates/lockers.

FOnline: Next Day

OFFLINE: A Russian Role-Play server.

FOnline: Return of the Chosen One

OFFLINE: A new server from the Russian-speaking community, based on TLA SDK. There is some new content, locations and unique weapons.

FOnline: Aftertimes

ACTIVE: Aftertimes is built from Reloaded S2 SDK with many new features.

FOnline: FoRP

ACTIVE: A Russian Role-Play server.

FOnline: Parareal

ACTIVE: Reloaded Season 2 clone

Fonline: 3

ACTIVE: Fonline 3 is based on Aftertimes S2 source with more focus on combat.