Master's Elite Crew

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Master's Elite Crew
A typical encounter with the Master's Elite Crew might involve these:
Mamtntaa sw.gif Malieuaa sw.gif Mamtntaa sw.gif Mamtnaa sw.gif Mamtnaa sw.gif Mamtntaa sw.gif
Critter Supermutant Leader Tough Supermutant Nightkin Tough Nightkin Supermutant
Hit Points 261 362 261 292 285 261
Weapon Rocket Launcher Avenger Minigun M60 Laser Rifle Plasma Rifle M60
XP 450 700 500 500 550 450
Note Very dangerous Very dangerous Very dangerous Very dangerous Very dangerous Very dangerous

This group is one of the more difficult Caravan Encounters that can be found on some caravan runs, mostly in the desert. It can also be encountered on independent player runs with three or more players traveling together, over level 9.

NOTE: As with all Group Encounters, the number of hostiles varies and is not limited to what is shown here. It scales to the party size of the players or caravan.