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Tubes1.JPG never changes.
That is, until you edit it.
Role: Wiki Editor
Time Zone: CST -6
FOnlining Since: 2011
Servers: 2238, S5/6

"When I look out my window....many sights to see. And when i look in my many changes, so many edits in season 3."


  • MASTER PROJECT: A new step-by-step startup guide for solo PvE/quest explorers
  • Wow, Season 3 is amazing! Looking forward to the new engine, by cvet...
  • Recently organized a Wasteland Tour where a tour guide leads a large party to various sites

My Editing Projects

  • Looking into this chat feature extension...
  • Season 3 started. Whoah Betty. Suddenly so many edits...
  • Documented Blood-Soaked Heroes "main quest", written by Corosive. Very clever story!
  • Still finding undocumented NPCs and features...
  • Down to 183 "Wanted Pages" (missing pages linked in red somewhere), from thousands in 2238.
  • Need to complete a Startup Guide, for new players who like a step-by-step approach, but the new engine is Soon so...waiting...

My Past Edits

  • 2020 Aug: Added Merchants Category, and corresponding link to all merchant NPC pages
    • Categorizing Uncatagorized Pages
    • Added Mini-Games Category, but need to document them
  • 2020 July: Got a character into Raiders faction to document NPCs there
    • Added Shops Template, for documenting sub-locations within towns
  • 2018 July: Trying to track Known Bugs but it "aint easy"
  • 2018 July: Added the Telltale Template
  • 2017 Aug: Added Doctors Category, for all NPC doctors
  • 2017 Aug: Cleanup of Orphaned Pages and Uncategorized Pages
  • 2017 Aug: Added MiscItem2 Template, which has 2 images for certain uses
  • 2017 Aug: Added Vehicles Table to Category:Vehicles page
  • 2017 Aug: Added Group Encounters page and began documenting numerous NPC groups
  • 2017 Aug: Added Critter3 template and used for documenting Group Encounters
  • 2017 July: Modified Armor Template to include "when worn" image, edited armor pages accordingly
  • 2017 Mar-July: Added numerous NPC sprites/images and documented numerous vip NPCs
  • 2017 Mar: Added Guide: Registration and Login Help
  • 2017 Mar: Added Vehicle template, added related pages (images provided by Plug)
  • 2017 Mar: Added Critter1 Template for brief creature pages, and added some creature pages
  • 2017 Feb: Added Quest-Giver image to Quest Template
  • 2017 Feb: Started full documentation of Lander's Point
  • 2017 Jan: Designed Template:Build
  • 2017 Jan: Wrote the Build Advice Guide
  • 2017 Jan: Was made Administrator by Kilgore
  • 2017 Jan: Added most of Slowhand's awesome Developer Tutorial as a Guide. (lacking images and code)
  • 2017 Jan: Designed template for NPC groups like Mechiors Pets and other Caravan Encounters
  • 2016 Nov: Reducing number of Uncategorized Pages from over 200 to under 50
  • 2016 Oct (late): Wiki Credits award program announced on forum. Earn WC helping wiki editors and get items
  • 2016 Oct: Oh boy. NPCs with dialogue are like vip people. Seems to me there should be a VIP category. If not, call it NPC. But what we have atm are most NPCs don't have pages (missing/needed pages), a few NPCs with pages but 3 different templates in use amongst them. Metzger for example is using the standard "Critter" template with all the details. I don't think we should use this template for vip NPCs. Next we have some using Critter2 template which shows far less details, good but includes a "Proto ID" which may have no value to us now. The NPC template i like is "NPC" which i have updated a bit. Started using it (Boyce, Doc Larrakin, Sassy Givens) but then noticed there is no NPC Category (or VIP Category). Found existing NPC pages are in Critter Category, which seems wrong to me. Critter should be life we encounter in the wild, often non-unique, not always hostile but not the VIPs. Next Hot Topic is creating the VIP pages needs to be done thoughtfully as most VIPs have only a first name. Do we really want a page called simply "Mitch"? There are two NPCs named Mitch, and both are in Hub. So i suggest we name these pages with more detail, like "Mitch the Short Merchant". There may only be one Smitty now, but i made his page Smitty the Repairman to distinguish him from some future additional Smitty.
  • 2015 Sep: Added TC Readiness guide, over 6000 characters
  • 2015 Jan: Started writing a Step-by-Step White Knight Start-Up Guide for new players
  • 2014 Dec: Cleaned up orphaned pages and dead-end pages lists, and added Machine Parts
  • 2014 Jan: Linked ammo on all weapons pages, and expanded Abbreviations page
  • 2013 Dec: Added Critters2 template, a simpler version of the Critters template for NPCs like Jacob
  • 2013 Dec: Added TeamSpeak page, a virtual copy/paste from Kilgore's forum post
  • 2013 Dec: Expanded weapons charts and added a similar chart for Drugs
  • 2013 Nov 23: Some books and misc items added
  • 2013 Nov 07: Changelogs page added


Over 28 million combined experience points in Season 1, my 32 characters were a learning curve experiment continuing from 2238. I'm glad to help with this project.