A Development Tutorial: Chapter 01

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A Development Tutorial: Chapter 1
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Season 3
Status Progress Stopped
Completion 75%
Authors Slowhand
This Chapter 01: Development Kit Setup
More Chapters Title Page
Development Kit Setup
Making Maps
The World Map Editor
NPC Dialogues
Create a 2-Map Zone
Monsters, Loot, and Scripts
Tracking Quest Progress
Scenery Scripts
Dialogue-to-Quest Location
Chapter 10
Setup of Scripting Environment
Understanding Quest Scripts
Chapter 13
Dialogue: The "SAY" Menu
Chapter 15
Lockpick Cooldown
Repeatable Locations
Floating FA Text
Roulette Game
Dialogues vs Scripts
Simple Kill Quest
Chapter 21
Mysterious Stranger Perk
Perk Installation
Black Jack Game
Black Jack Installation
Sound Effects
Pro Tips
Notes {{{notes}}}

  • Download the SDK
    • Download the Server and Mapper and the full Client
    • Keep these 2 zip files for later use so you can start over from scratch if you mess things up very badly
    • Copy the Client, Mapper, Server, and Tools folders from the zip files to your development folder.
  • Setting up the Mapper: (don't use yet)
    • If you start the Mapper for the first time, it will use the default video resolution, which is set in the client. Unfortunately, this will trim down the Mappers interface, so the first thing you should do, is launch the FOConfig.exe in the Client folder and set the resolution to at least 1024*768
    • It is advisable to disable Full Screen mode
    • Save and Exit
  • Try out if it works
    • Start the Server and wait for the scripts and everything to load. When it's done, you will see something like this: *** Starting game loop ***
    • Start the Client, create a new character, and log in. If no errors, then you are done with the setup
  • If you got problems with this part, you might try to set up your environment again, if it fails, search Questions and Answers at fodev.net