A Development Tutorial: Chapter 02

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A Development Tutorial: Chapter 2
Get the developer tools and try building new content for this game!
Season All Seasons
Status Progress Stopped
Completion 75%
Authors Slowhand
This Chapter 02: Making Maps
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Development Kit Setup
Making Maps
The World Map Editor
NPC Dialogues
Create a 2-Map Zone
Monsters, Loot, and Scripts
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Black Jack Installation
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Pro Tips
Notes {{{notes}}}

Here you'll see how easy it is to modify existing maps with the Mapper tool, and then check the effects.

  • Load the map and get around
    • Launch Mapper and load the map of The Hub
    • Press enter after mapper started to get the console
    • Type: "~hub" - to load the map
    • Press F8 to disable mouse scrolling (This can be very annoying, since even if the Mapper does not have focus, it will try to scroll while you are working with other apps
    • Press Enter again, when the command line is empty, so the command line disappears, now you can use the arrow keys to scroll around
  • Modify and save the map
    • After you find the northen entrance of the hub, try to delete some NPC's and some vagons. Also try to add a car and an NPC
    • To select something, just click on it. To delete the selected item, press Delete
    • To place NPC's, go to Humanoids and there click on the tab again, to filter them. Find one that suits you and place it on the map. To place it on the map, make sure u don't have anything else selected, click on it, then move your mouse over the map you want to place it, right click, then left click. You can use middle mouse button to rotate the element.
    • Type: "^hub" - to save(overwrite) the map
  • Delete the old map's cache
    • Go to the Server/Maps folder and find the two map files: hub.fomapb and hub.fomap
    • Delete hub.fomapb. (Make sure you keep the hub.fomap file. Alternatively you can use the clean.bat before starting the server, which will delete all binary map files so when the server starts it will generate them.)
  • In order for changes to take effect, you will need clear the world saves
    • These are some files in the Server/Save folder, usually named like "world0001.fo"
    • If you do not delete these files, then only some changes will take effect, like map design, but not NPCs, items, or anything that is not static
  • Check your work
    • Start the server, start the client, and check the effects
    • You should see your modified Hub map, with the missing NPC's and vagons, and the extra NPC's, cars that you added