A Development Tutorial: Chapter 03

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A Development Tutorial: Chapter 3
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Season All Seasons
Status Progress Stopped
Completion 75%
Authors Slowhand
This Chapter 03: World Map Editor
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This isn't difficult either, but here you can mess things up pretty easily if you click around too much while experimenting.

First Things First

  • First delete the world save files (If you forget this, you will likely start the server two times by mistake)
  • Then launch Mapper and open a map to copy from, I used: tent_mountain (Type in console: "~tent_mountain")
  • Now add a new robot NPC (critters->others->Robobrain)
  • Save the map: "^tut_map1"
  • Go to the Server\Maps folder, you should have a new map file here named: tut_map1.fomap

Placing Your Map on the World

  • Launch the World editor located in the Tools folder. (You might need to get .NET framework v4, this is a freely downloadable framework for Windows, don't be affraid of it, programs written in C# use it. Most Windows Service Packs have it, so you probably already have it.)
  • Add the new map:
    • Press Ctrl+M (or in the menu Tools->Mapdata Editor) and Add New Map
    • Name your map: Tutorial1
    • Press Assign Free PID (but the default 128 should be free as well)
    • Browse the map file recently made (..\Server\Maps\tut_map1.fomap)
    • Save
  • Add the new location:
    • Press Ctrl+L (or in the menu Tools->Location Editor) and Add New Location
    • Name the location: Tut_Loc1
    • Assign a free PID. (Default 90 should work fine as well)
    • Set size to 6. (24 is a town size green cirle, 6 or 8 should be small enough)
    • Set max players to 0. (In case you leave it at 1, and you test it later with multiple chars, they won't be able to enter until the one inside leaves.)
    • Set description ("A strange robot in the middle of the wastes")
    • Set visibilty: Check Visible
    • Add Map: Sort by PID, scroll to 128 and select the recently made map, Tutorial1
    • Save and exit Location Editor
  • Set the location on world map:
    • Press Ctrl+A (menu Worldmap->Add Location)
    • Sort by PID, scroll to 90 and find your recently added location named Tut_Loc1
    • Add this location. Now you can place your location on the map, place it near the spawning point for easier testing.
    • Check what you've done by searching the map in World Editor near Hub. Your new location should be there
    • Press Ctrl+S to save the world map (menu: File -> Save) and exit World Editor.

Test what you have done. Make sure you delete the World saves, start server, launch client and with a new char you should see the new tutorial location nearby.