A Development Tutorial: Chapter 05

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A Development Tutorial: Chapter 5
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Season All Seasons
Status Progress Stopped
Completion 75%
Authors Slowhand
This Chapter 05: Create a 2-Map Zone
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Development Kit Setup
Making Maps
The World Map Editor
NPC Dialogues
Create a 2-Map Zone
Monsters, Loot, and Scripts
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Setup of Scripting Environment
Understanding Quest Scripts
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Step by Step:

  • Create second map and add it to the world.
    • Launch the Mapper and open a cave map. Save it to a different name. (I used: q_tut1_in) (q for quest, tut1 for tutorial1, and in for inside)
    • Launch the WorldEditor, Tools->Map Data Editor (Ctrl+M), Add New Map. Add q_tut1_in, and assign an ID similar to the previous one. (129 for me)
    • Tools->Location Editor (Ctrl+L), find the tutorial location (mine had PID 90) and double click to edit it. Add the new map with PID 129 to it. Now it should have 2 maps.
    • Save the World (Ctrl+S) and exit World Editor.
  • Link the first map to the second one:
    • Launch Mapper again and open the first map. (The one that will be accessed from the world map, I named it: q_tut1_out)
    • Add some Ent (Entry point) elements, and set their "EntireNumber" to 0. This is where the player will spawn when he enters the area from the world map.
    • Add a cave entrance, add the design elements, and add some Exit Grid (EG) element to the cave entrance. (They can be found at Tech panel)
    • Edit the Exit Grid's values: set "ToEntire" to 0, while set "ToMapPid" to 129 (the PID of the second map, the cave)
    • Now add some more Ent elements close to the cave entrance, and set the "EntireNumber" value to 1. This is where the player will spawn when he exits the cave.
    • The first map is set, save it.
  • Link the second map to the first:
    • Load the second map (cave).
    • Add some Ent elements near the cave entrance and set their "EntireNumber" to 0. Here will the player spawn when enters the cave.
    • Fill the entrance of the cave with EG elements with values: set "ToEntire" to 1 and set "ToMapPid" to 128 (the PID of the first map, q_tut1_out in my case)
    • Save the map and exit the Mapper.
  • Try it out:
    • Clean, delete world save files, and run the server.
    • Your character should be able to enter and leave the cave at his leisure.

Here are my maps: (images here soon)