A Development Tutorial: Chapter 19

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A Development Tutorial: Chapter 19
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Season All Seasons
Status Progress Stopped
Completion 75%
Authors Slowhand
This Chapter 19: Dialogues vs Scripts
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Dialogues vs Scripts: Russian Roulette.

In this tutorial I will present two ways to write a Russian roulette game. The mechanic of the game is simple, the player can play Russian roulette with an NPC: A player puts a bet, a revolver has only 1 (in our example 2) bullet inside, the cylinder is rolled and the player pulls the trigger. If the player survives, he wins double, if not then... re-spawn time.

This example is used to illustrate how to solve the task in two different ways, one being without writing scripts (will use only pre-written scripts from dialogue.fos) the other with our own scripts.

Using only dialogues and the pre-written scripts from "dialogs.fos":

  • Save this dialogue file: russian_roulette_onlydiag.fodlg to "Server\dialogs"
  • Add the following line to "Server\dialogs\dialogs.lst": "$ 2250 russian_roulette_onlydiag"
  • Add the dialogue number (2050) to an NPC in a map or on your usual test map.

Here is how it looks:

(image soon)