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These are the commands everyone can use. Just type them into the chat bar, without the [ ]. And press Enter

Commands for Chat

Type . or / followed by:

* S - Shout
* W - Whisper
* E - Emote
* R - Radio (Required Radio in inventory)
* O - Out of character

Ex.: .W Be quiet

You can also send a Distress Signal


  • ~factioninfo

Displays information related to the Factions system. This includes the faction your character is in, which factions added you as friend, and pending invitations.

  • ~factionnames

Displays information related to the Factions system. Lists existing factions with their ID numbers.

  • ~freefactionnames
  • ~ffn

Lists free Faction names in the chat frame.

  • ~myinfo

Displays information about logged character (name, ID, day of birth and tent coordinates).

  • ~partypoints
  • ~pp

Shows Currently used/Maximum Party Points.

  • ~influence

Show points of Your faction in TC Domination.


  • ~awareness

Enable/disable on-screen information about characters hp and used gear. You need the awareness perk to use this command. Default: ON

  • ~names

Refreshes colorized names (defined in NameColorizing.txt)

Turns on/off on-screen timeouts display. Default: ON

  • ~changepassword [old password] [new password]

Changes current character password. Use * instead of space.

  • ~combatmode [mode]

Changes default combat mode, which can be turnbased, tb, realtime, rt or both, any; without arguments displays current setting.

  • ~customborder x
  • ~cb x

It will draw hexagonal border around your character with radius specified as parameter. Radius range: 0 - 100. Setting radius to 0 disables drawing (~cb 0). Example: ~cb 10
will draw hexagonal border around your character with 10 hexes radius.
It can be used for example to draw rocket splash around your character for better positioning in combat, for sneakers to know how close they can get to enemy and not get in motion sensor range, for sniper to draw line marking distance they have to keep from enemy bursters.


  • ~deleteself [password]

Deletes current character after full logout (3 minutes). If you have spaces in your password, use * (asterisk) symbol instead of spaces. Is used to Reroll. Deleting can be canceled by entering the command again.

(Example: In case your password is: my pass word you write: ~deleteself my*pass*word)

  • ~disbandparty

Disbands all NPC followers (Mercs, slaves...) - removes them permanently.

  • ~disbandparty away_team

Disbands only NPC followers (Mercs, slaves...) that are outside of your current map (not location). Note: If you make any mistake typing (ex. ~disbandparty_awayteam) this command ~disbandparty will be used instead.

  • ~suicide

Performs suicide.

  • ~eventsuicide

Performs suicide with bloody animation. Can't be executed on worldmap.

  • ~exit

Exits game.

  • order recognition [playerName]

Checks the faction database for information on given player. You have to be in a faction and use radio with your faction frequency. (e/g "/r order recognition Voland")

  • +requesthelp [message]

Sends message to random online Game Master. See the requesthelp article for more information.

  • ~spectate

<placeholder> Sets few modes usually impossible for players (fov disabled, invis, no pvp) on specific event-prepared maps; it wasn't yet used/tested.

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