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There is no main story or quest-line, but here is a sorted list of all the in-game available quests. Completing a quest will reward you with experience points and sometimes items. Quests can also affect your reputation. To find quests for beginners, check the easy quests list. Be careful when you get quests from NPCs because the quest will usually run in whatever mode (Turn-Based or Real-Time) that you were in at the time you got the quest. It doesn't matter if you switch later - you'll still be in TB mode, for example, if you were in TB mode when you took the quest from the NPC. Most players strongly prefer to run most quests in Real-Time mode.

NOTE: There are undiscovered quests throughout the wasteland, that are not documented here, so you should explore with enthusiasm and not feel limited by this page's quest list!

You can also do jobs.

New Storyline Quests

Other Quests

The Hub Quests

Junktown Quests

Boneyard Quests

Brotherhood of Steel Quests

Join the Brotherhood and begin your adventure on their questline! Earn Faction Points to exchange for gear, get promoted, and rise among their ranks!

Shady Sands Quests

Cathedral Quests

Den Quests

Gecko Quests

Klamath Quests

Modoc Quests

Navarro Quests

Necropolis Quests

New Reno Quests

Redding Quests

Raiders Quests

San Francisco Quests

Vault City Quests

Vault 24 Quests

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