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Weapon Perks denote special qualities that some of the weapons have, and cannot be influenced in any way by players, save for upgrading the weapon.

Regardless of its type, gaining a perk permanently unlocks its bonus, e.g. gaining Lifegiver increases the number of Hit Points your character has forever. There is no possibility of reverting the choice of a perk once the decision has been made. It is entirely up to the player to decide whether or not s/he wishes to gain a perk when given the possibility; no system exists to randomly select a perk should no decision be made by the player.

Some perks have more than one rank, i.e. it is possible to gain them more than once. Typically, the higher the rank of a perk, the greater the bonus it gives is. Requirements may vary for different ranks of a perk, usually the higher the rank, the higher the skill/level requirements that must be met prior to acquiring it are.

Note: When determining what perks can be gained by a player, the game checks his/her nominal statistics. It is therefore impossible for a character whose base Strength is 5 to take a perk requiring at least 6 points of Strength, for example, even if s/he temporarily gains a point of Strength by using a strength-enhancing drug prior to opening the perk selection window or initiating a dialogue with an NPC.

Name Bonus
Accurate Chance to hit increased by 20%
Fast Reload -1 to reloading cost
Flameboy More violent death animations
Knockback When hit, your opponents are likely to be knocked back
Enhanced Knockout When EVERY critical hit becomes a knockout critical
Long Range Doubled bonus from Perception when calculating chance to hit
Penetrate Target's DT reduced to 33% of its normal value
Scoped +32% to hit chance at the range of 8 or more hexes. At the range of 7 or fewer hexes the hit chance drops to 5%

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