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The rules here are subject to change, going with the possible exploits, bugs and features. They will be changed whenever deemed necessary and this page will be updated.

NOTE: Rules as seen here are pasted from forum. In case of any discrepancies, default to rules as posted on forum.

Here is a list of some actions that we consider unfair and illegal in the game. If you spot someone violating the rules, feel free to message an Administrator in-game with this command: +requesthelp <message>.

Things Against the Rules

  • Using Multi-Log or Bypassing the Relog Timer in Order to Gain an Advantage in PvP Activities
    • Includes scouting, looting or any other PvP activity.
    • We consider multi-log as having more than one character logged into the game at the same time via software like Sandboxie, virtual machines or a separate physical machine.
    • We consider fast relog during PvP as relogging to another character before the first one disappears from the game - which is 180 seconds after the character logged out.
    • NOTE: If you are not sure that you understand this rule correctly, please do not use multi-log in game.
  • Exploiting a Known Bug or Abusing a Feature
    • Report it instead of exploiting it; if the exploit has not been reported yet, you might get a reward for reporting it instead.
    • Example: Joining Caravans, then using friendly fire to kill/injure/cripple other caravan members
    • Example: Getting high Reputation via the bugged feature, then attacking other players in guarded areas without guards reacting
    • Example: Massive use of multi-logged characters in order to farm Special Encounters, etc.
  • Using Excessive Hostile Speech
    • This includes unnecessary amount of insults directed at other players
    • Continuous harassment over in-game stuff
    • Or especially, continuous harassment over real-life stuff
  • Using Offensive or Inappropriate Nicknames
    • This will cause your character to get instantly banned
    • Think twice before you register a questionable nickname
  • Spamming or Making In-Game Chat Unreadable
  • Stealing Nicknames or Faction Names
    • This will result in removal of characters/factions or transferring them to the proper owner
  • Impersonating, Insulting or Harassing Game Staff
  • Using Shortcut Cheats for Any In-Game Activity - No Exceptions
    • 3rd party tools
    • Automated scripts
    • Bots or Autoclickers
  • Connecting Through VPN or Proxy Server if the Person is Able to Play the Game Without It
  • Offering or Receiving Real Money for Anything Related to This Game
    • In-game characters
    • In-game items
    • Knowledge and/or services
    • Both parties involved will be banned permanently from the game


The default sanction will be permanent ban for the character/characters violating the rule. In minor cases, or if we have a good reason to believe that the person violated the rule unknowingly and is unlikely to repeat it, we might issue temporary ban or a warning. In cases when we believe that banning the character will not stop the person from further violations, we will use larger sanctions, such as:

  • Permanent ban for all identified characters
  • Removal of all Bases/Tents or items stored inside

This might also include IP ban and ban for other services like: forum, Discord, Teamspeak. You need to understand that if you are a troublemaker, then we will get rid of you by any means necessary. In such cases, we will ban you wherever it's possible, and we will ban you again if you come back after a while. Do not be a troublemaker, do not waste our time and everything will be fine.

NOTE: We will not refund any Experience Points, items, Bases/Tents, faction leadership or other in-game content for the characters that were banned.

Additional Note

We expect faction leaders to take proper actions if members keep violating game rules. Factions having members who continuously violate the game rules might expect following sanctions:

  • Banning faction from participating in Town Control
  • Shutting down recruitment threads
  • Removing faction from the game

Reporting Violations

If you see or have knowledge about someone breaking game rules, you can send evidence via PM to administrators (Kilgore or DocAN). At least screenshots and F2 log, ideally a video.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How can I contact you?
  • A: Preferably via private message via Discord, or on the game's forum. You can also use email, just make sure you provided real email address when you registered your account. Otherwise, we will be unable to answer it. Be patient, we receive many private messages daily but we're trying to answer all of them. Please don't ask us how to do something in game: check wiki, use this thread or ask other people on Discord. We don't have time to explain every player how to play the game. If you have questions about FOnline modding, try asking at
  • Q: How can I become a Game Master?
  • A: You can't. There are only three people with admin privileges in public server: Kilgore, DocAN and cubik2k. Of course, it is a bit overwhelming for only three people to handle all in-game stuff, issues and events but unnecessary drama is unwanted. It will stay like this to avoid the following:
    • Accusations that admin/gm is helping/spawning items/scouting for some faction
    • Possible mistakes when using admin commands - nobody wants any rollbacks
    • Possible admin/gm abuse if a wrong person is designated to be an admin/gm
  • Q: Can you sell items/character/something for real money ($$$)? I pay much!
  • A: You can't. We don't sell in-game stuff and characters. Please don't ask us about it. Also, make sure you have read game rules because such trades between players are also prohibited.
  • Q: Will there be a Wipe? If so, then WHEN? Also...what is Wipe?
  • A: As long as we are working on the game, there will be another Wipe some day. Wipe means that all characters, items and locations are removed and everyone starts over, registers a new first Character, and plays from Level 1. A Wipe ushers in a new game "season" and always brings some new features. It is announced on forum before it happens. Please do not spread rumors about Wipes, or ask for an eta. Do not pester us about a Wipe date - we consider it as spam.
  • Q: There hasn't been an update for a long time! Please do something! Is the game dead?
  • A: We're working on the game in our free time. You don't see most of it, but it doesn't mean that nothing is done. Especially when working on a next session, the current one gets less updated but we still have our hands full of work.
  • Q: I've seen someone breaking game rules! What do I do now?!
  • A: You can send us a report via PM on Discord or game forum. Provide as many details as you can. F2 log, screenshots, even a video if it's possible. We'll investigate it and take actions if we confirm someone breaking the rules. Don't post it publicly on forum as it will be ignored and closed.
  • Q: I asked you about something in-game but you ignored me - how dare ya!
  • A: Calm down, sometimes we are afk (seriously). There are also over 9000 questions asked by every player in Sight when we appear in game, and it's too much. If it's an emergency and only we can help you, you can send us a PM via Discord or game forum.
  • Q: I have a bug to report. What should I do with it?
  • A: Report it on the game forum, unless it can be considered as an exploit, in which case please do not post it. Report exploits via a PM on Discord instead. Always check first to see if it really is a known bug and not just you doing something wrong.
  • Q: I've got a BRILLIANT idea how to fix/improve/make this game awesome, or what you should do to fix/improve/make this game awesome, when will you implement it?
  • A: First check the forum to see if anyone else has already suggested it. Use forum search. Then make a thread in the Suggestions board. Then it gets accepted or rejected by developers. If it gets accepted, it will be implemented sooner or later. If it gets rejected, then well, uh too bad. Please do not tell us about your ideas in game/discord/teamspeak/forum PM, because the chance that it will get implemented is ridiculously low. We get spammed with all sorts of bad and maybe-good ideas everywhere, and if it's not posted in Suggestions board then it will be simply lost. So again: post it in Suggestions.
  • Q: Can you reset password of my character?
  • A: No. We were resetting character passwords but we are not doing it anymore, mostly because of characters that were shared, sold or stolen. When registering a new character, WRITE DOWN your password to make sure you can login to the character even after you forget the password or whatever happens.

NOTE: If you are still able to login but you don't know your password (masked behind ******), just press CTRL in main menu and your password will be temporarily revealed. If you had a long break from playing the game, make sure that there was not a Wipe since you last logged in.

  • Q: Can you recover my deleted character?
  • A: No. We used to do that but we are not doing it anymore, mostly because of characters that were shared, sold or stolen. If you delete your character and later change your mind, it's gone. If you share it with wrong people, it's gone. If you don't write down your password and cannot login, it's gone. If you change password to something that you don't remember, or make a typo in the process - it's gone! Be careful (and be double-careful when you are Rerolling your character) and you will be fine.
  • Q: Can you rename my character?
  • A: No. Please use Reroll if you really need to change the name of your character.
  • Q: How can I support you?
  • A: You can make a donation, check this thread for details. Is that all? Nope. You can report new bugs and exploits, post reasonable suggestions, work on our wiki, help us with testing when we need your help. You can tell your friends about the game and finally you can help us with development if you know how to script, make new (and good looking) maps, write dialogues, draw some images, etc. There is a FOnline SDK, source of FOnline: 2238 and source of Reloaded available, and there is also where you can get some help with learning basics. If you can't do any of the above, then just play the game. Don't act like an asshole and that will help us a lot too!
  • Q: I want to work on wiki content, how can I receive editing rights?
  • A: Please see this topic.
  • Q: I demand a feature/change/boost/nerf or I will go play elsewhere and take my friends with me. Are you going to do something about this?
  • A: We ignore your demands because we're not your employees. We don't make money from this game, but we invest our time in it, heavily. If you want to stop playing or play elsewhere because of that, then well, it's your choice.
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