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A PC or Player Character is a character created and controlled by a player using the FOnline client. Such characters each have their own unique name, whatever build stats the player chooses, and are assigned a unique Character ID by the server upon creation.

Standard Options

A character can be in any of three states:

  • Online: FOnline Client is connected, and character is in-game.
  • Offline: FOnline Client is disconnected, but character is still in-game in a logging out state, so you see text (Off) is shown next to their Character Name. After 3 minutes that character will be completely Logged out and will disappear. But during the 3 minutes, they can be healed, killed, robbed, get a dose of radiation, or even be pushed off the map. See Full logout. So its best not to log out in a public place.
  • Logged out: Character has disappeared and is completely logged off from the game world and cannot be affected in any way.

Every Character should have a combat-capable build regardless of his role. Even Miners, Crafters, Lockpick specialists, Medics, and Role-Play characters can and should be PvP-ready, even though their intended functions may not be PvP. If you're new and you just want a tough character to explore the map, get into adventures, maybe build a team of friends and communicate on Radios, then a good PvE build can be a lot of fun for a long time. You could use the Strong Explorer build for that. However, if you plan to use voice chat software and want a perfected fighter character to get into serious team-vs-team fights in New Reno and in Town Control, that uses Drugs and every possible advantage, then welcome to PvP.

First decide which type of character you need:

  • PvE multipurpose characters designed for player-vs-environment and/or support roles like miners, medics, Role-Play stuff, Crafters, etc.
  • PvP elite drug-using fighters designed for player-vs-player extreme combat.

Also, read about your Character's Age. If a player has more than one character, these characters are called "Alt"s. There is no cap on how many characters a player can register, but there are rules about logging into more than one at a time (multi-logging).

It is advised to review this Advice for beginners, and More Advice for New Players, as well as other Guides.

Then read some advice about character

Click on what you need below...or look at some example Builds!

Perks Traits Skills S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
Perks.png Traits Skills.jpg SPECIAL.png

Reputation Hit Points Carry Weight Levels
Reputation.png Hitpoints.png Carryweight.png Levels.png
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