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This is a list of game updates. These are also available here, on the forum. Most of these require running the updater - see Updater.

As the game is developed and updates are implemented, corresponding changes should be edited on this wiki. As such edits are made, editors are encouraged to note which changes have been done by using these:

  • Yes check.pngDone (and editor's name)
  • Attention.pngStarted = still needs some work

RELOADED: Season 4 running

Friday 08 May 2021 - Posted by Kilgore

FOClassic v7, Reloaded rev 1050 Work done by worldremaker, thanks.

  • Changes and fixes:
    • Configurable Item Highlighter added
    • Trading with NPCs is now possible while Overweight
    • Added "pop" sound for message box, like in Fallout/Fallout2, and dots in message box are back
    • Fixed companions stacking and blocking in doorways
    • Improved server stability
    • Fixed tree respawn in towns
    • One-time spawners will not be refilled anymore after server restart

NOTE: Run UpdaterEx.exe to Update your client.

Friday 19 Feb 2021 - Posted by Kilgore
  • "Due to various performance and stability issues, the game server will be fully wiped" -Kilgore
  • "...a sharp drop in performance/stability took us by surprise, and I chose to get the game to the working state again, that's why server wipe is so early and only with minor fixes." -Kilgore
  • Corrected:
    • Doors not closing on usual timer - was taking a very very long time
    • Doors not having relevance - characters could run right through some of them as if they are already open
    • Junk barrels in Hub seemed to no longer be generating junk, or the timer was very very slow
    • Fr O'Shaughnessy's name details are back to normal and he is available for dialogue again
    • Many other little issues with timers and auto-generation of loot and resources

RELOADED: Season 3

19 September 2020 - Posted by Kilgore

Engine: FOClassic v7, Reloaded rev 1008

NOTE: Updating client is not required.

09 September 2019 - Posted by Kilgore

Engine updated to FOClassic v7, Reloaded rev 1002

NOTE: Please run Updater.exe to get new faction.ini file in

1 April 2019 - Posted by Kilgore

Engine: FOClassic v7, Reloaded rev 994

April Fools!

  • You can grab free Power Armor and Helmet from Father Tully today, until 23:59 UTC. Only one per character.
  • Loot drop enabled everywhere, watch out!
  • One hex bursts now deal bonus 300% damage.
  • Saying "when Wipe" in game gives a temporary boost to Charisma and Luck (not visible in character screen).


  • Changed client message about client being outdated to something more appropriate.
  • Fixed a bug where container filters would not work when Caps are inside.
  • Fixed missing T-Ray dialogue.
  • Fixed a bug where a character that died on worldmap would not respawn.
  • There is a message info when character cannot equip weapon with current skin/armor.
  • More strict Day Pass check in Vault City.
21 March 2019 - Posted by Kilgore

Engine updated to FOClassic v7

  • Some quest errors fixed.
  • Removed groups with 3d critters from worldmap
  • Dialog/Barter timer is not used anymore
  • Fixed doubled node in Campfire "dialogue" when having Outdoorsman skill = 50%
  • Added proper check if end-turn hotkey is pressed
  • Decreased chance of finding quest encounters (Injured Brahmin etc.)
  • Bottle Caps should be always on top of player/npc inventory
  • Newer implementation of smart cursor
  • Slaver tattoo is visible when wearing helmets not covering forehead
  • Character stats should not be bugged anymore when server Rollbacks happen

Important Note: You need to update the game client via Updater.exe

06 January 2019 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Engine updated to FOClassic v5.
  • You need to update the game via Updater.exe and delete /data/cache directory before launching the game.
    • If you have problems with that, you can redownload client from client download link.
    • Custom interfaces need to be modified: find & replace all "Gmap" entries to "Worldmap" in default.ini and faction.ini files.
  • Fixed a bug with armors being not displayed properly.
  • Fixed a bug affecting Scout perk, FOV etc. when game chat was inactive.
05 January 2019 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Server/client migrated to FOClassic v4
  • Game client will try to set last zoom value when entering map.
  • Hidden trade crash fix.
  • Server status now indicates number of currently connected players only.
  • Fixes with busy idling NPCs.
  • Tattoo fix.
  • Cigarettes crafting machine description/name fixed.
14 November 2018 - Posted by DocAN
17 October 2018 - Posted by DocAN
  • Party members led to Sky Tower and Vault 4 will now remember this location
  • Fixed regeneration tree's firewood in cities
  • Some quest adjustments (WIP)
  • Some bug fixes
  • Adjustments to Ridgecrest Hotel, Desert Oasis, Abandoned Gas Station, Old Police Station, Viper Recruitment Camp
15 September 2018 - Posted by DocAN
  • Vault 4 Widow Rooney Quest Adjustments:
    • Requires level 25+
    • No cooldown on quest
    • Complete Fake Vault - 6500 XP + a lot of XP from killing mobs + loot from lockers + chance to loot corps
  • Sky Tower Fox Mcluud Quest Adjustments:
    • Requires level 25+
    • No cooldown on quest
    • Complete Cloud Tower - 10k XP + very large amount of XP from killing mobs + loot from lockers + chance to loot corps
  • Tips:
    • Bring friends with you
    • Take quests in Turn-Based mode
09 September 2018 - Posted by Kilgore
  • New PvP location added: Dayglow!
    • Warning! Dead players can be looted in this location
    • Spawner here spawns various rare items, including: Implants, top-tier weapons, rare armors and Power/Advanced Power Armors)
    • Radioactive rain inside the location
    • (WIP) location will be expanded gradually
  • Changes to Rad-X:
    • Works more like a drug now - only one active dose at a time
    • Increased radiation resistance bonus to +25
    • Duration decreased to 30 minutes
    • On-screen timeout added
  • Death messages enabled
  • Added graphics for Bridgekeeper's Robes
  • Increased fire area affect damage from 1-10 to 8-14
  • Removed Medic Perk from some NPCs
  • Fixed a bug where a player who died on worldmap couldn't respawn properly when he was traveling in a vehicle
  • A few minor bug-fixes.

NOTE: Run Updater.exe to download updated game files.

08 May 2018 - Posted by Corosive

New Quests and Jobs

New Locations Private (Level 24+):


Other Changes


02 October 2017 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Slot machines are now usable. 100 bottle Caps to play, there is a chance for a jackpot (100k bottle Caps)
  • Added warning about removing faction leader character via ~deleteself
  • Town Control zones fixed in Klamath, Gecko and Broken Hills

Notes: Redding map had to be restarted and it's TC locker will not work correctly until next server restart.

30 September 2017 - Posted by DocAN
  • Milita nerfed [HP cut in half, numbers lowered to max 8]
  • WIP: Telltale adjustments, boosted XP reward [note: NPC are moving around Towns]
  • Punk Girl with full set of animations added to Barber [thanks to MouseCZ]
  • Helmetless PA animations added [thanks to MouseCZ]
  • WIP: Fixed hotel respawn bug [players wont respawn at hotel rooms]
  • Lowered Laser Rifle ST requirement to 5
  • You no longer get critical fails when using FA with Medic perk
  • Disabled XP penalty for death in Hinkley matches
  • Other fixes and adjustments
  • New player faction emblems added

WIP: PvP reward system, other fixes and adjustments, more dungeons and PvE activities

17 September 2017 - Posted by Kilgore

- Nuka-Cola vending machine added to Maltese Falcon (comes from Wasteland2155 project, dialogue by Nice Boat),

- Fixed experience loss and weapon Deterioration penalty on various death types.

11 September 2017 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Upgrading Throwing Knives to Poisoned Throwing Knives added to Trisha @ Blades
  • Increased NPC reaction time in encounters by few seconds
  • Guards will no longer ignore high Reputation players attacking others in town
  • Added water barrel for Water Merchants job (use Updater to get new file)
  • Fixed hex shooting with broken weapon
  • Fixed New Reno sewers box
  • Lowered NPC spawn count and exp for killing in Floaters quest in New Adytum
  • Lowered NPC spawn count in Junktown rats quest
  • Players led to Gun Runners mutant quest location now see this location on map
  • Helmets AC fix
  • Added counter to Caravan packer quest (by Slowhand)
  • Sad Farmer quest now ends when location is deleted after some time
  • BoS quests bug fixes (WIP)
12 September 2017 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Fixed Barley gathering
  • Alarm post added to Hub for caravan announcements (taken from radio channel 1)
  • Fixed missing update on Charisma party size check while traveling
  • Some other fixes

Run updater to get few new files.

05 September 2017 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Oldschool famous Junk barrel added
  • Fixed economic crisis causing some NPCs to be broken recently
  • Companions should no longer block doorways in San Francisco
  • Razor now upgrades Throwing Knives to Poisoned Throwing Knives
  • Caravan guards fixed
  • Disabled changing armor while in combat
  • Disabled shift+click drop on armor slot
  • Changed Worldmap party size formula to:
    • Group size = [Leader's Charisma] + [1 if leader has Magnetic Personality support perk] + 2
    • This formula applies only when walking on foot, max group size = 10 (including leader)
02 September 2017 - Posted by Kilgore

Some fixes and ninjafixes, including:

  • Fake "you have gone up a level" message should no longer appear
  • Characters should no longer remain in "off" state in key locations like Hub, NCR, Adytum, SF
01 September 2017 - Posted by Kilgore

There are lots of new and very experimental stuff and that's why this session should be considered as a beta test. New possible bugs, exploits and broken parts of the game are to be expected. I didn't add (WIP) note to changelog but most of changes are WIP.

  • Due to nature of changes previous builds, guides, wiki content will be outdated for some time. Yes check.pngHenry
  • Changelog is only partial and doesn't include many changes, especially many new Quests and Jobs.
  • Server has been wiped as it was far behind from what we are working on and therefore maintaining an outdated game was becoming pretty much pointless and stalled the development process.

General Changes:

  • Game now uses newer FOnline SDK revision, downloading new client is required
  • Minimum Character name text length is now 3 Yes check.pngHenry
  • Character level is now visible for all players Yes check.pngHenry
  • Added new Crafting materials Yes check.png
  • Completely reworked Crafting recipes, requirements and resulting experience - it's now based on requirements
  • Removed resources from Bases, added more in towns Yes check.pngHenry
  • Removed low-level player protection in encounters
  • Character can have more than 10 tents Yes check.pngHenry
  • Private mines are no longer private, but visible to all players on world map Yes check.pngHenry
  • Encounters have a chance to spawn powerful enemies - they might drop items with bonus Yes check.pngHenry
  • Encounter NPCs drop only broken armors if any, they drop weapons in good condition 30% of time, and have a chance to drop other items
  • Poison is now dangerous and also stops HP regeneration Yes check.pngHenry
  • Sneaked characters are now partially transparent for every player
  • Smoking animation added for few character models (male) Yes check.pngHenry
  • Smoking no longer requires a lighter; but if someone has cigarette pack in his hand, you can use Lighter on him/her Yes check.pngHenry
  • Changed experience for lockpicking doors/containers
  • Elevators are now usable in Turn-Based mode
  • Elevators can transport up to 3 people, who tagged person using elevator, are not in combat, in his/her Sight and within max. 5 hexes distance - Real-Time only
  • Radio channel 1 is now Caravans broadcast channel, gives info about arrivals & departures, receiving-only Yes check.pngHenry
  • Radio channel 2 is now Hinkley broadcast channel, gives info about started matches, kills and winners, receiving-only Yes check.pngHenry
  • Deleted Characters are now removed from factions terminals
  • Accepted members can be demoted now Yes check.pngHenry
  • Traders now pay 20% price for items they wouldn't accept otherwise
  • New player faction names added Yes check.pngHenry


  • Displaying Faction Emblems - they are managed via updater
  • Namecolorizing is now managed and updated via updater; if you want to use your custom namecolorizing, change PublicNamecolorizing.txt to CustomNamecolorizing.txt which overrides public file
  • Ability to change walls/roofs transparency without editing graphic files, as an alternative to hiding them completly:
    • Reloaded.cfg->[Reloaded]->WallRoofTransparency : transparency percentage (default: 25%)
    • Reloaded.cfg->[Bindings]->ToggleWallRoofTransparency : turns transparency on/off
  • Ping/FPS is now visible on screen - can be configured


  • New burst mechanics for weapons with burst spread; bullets distribution now depends on distance
  • New bypass mechanics
  • Player is always de-sneaked at the end of his turn in TB battle Yes check.pngHenry
  • Single shot attacks using weapons with aim mode disabled by Fast Shot has a chance to hit random body part Yes check.pngHenry

No Drop:

  • Player characters no longer drop carried items on Death Yes check.pngHenry
  • Weapon "drops" now transfer items to inventory instead of dropping them on the ground Yes check.pngHenry
  • Armors are no longer destroyed by some death effects
  • Players above 24 level lose some Experience Points on Death (less if killed by player) Yes check.pngHenry
  • Added armor/weapon Deterioration penalty on player's Death, depending on death type Yes check.pngHenry

Town Control:

  • Timer removed; faction takes control instantly, requires 5 geared members in TC zone to take town and 3 to maintain control; town can't be taken if controlled by other faction that has at least 3 geared members in TC zone
  • There is a check for maintaining control every minute, control is lost after 3 failed checks in a row
  • Min. armor condition for captors changed from 20 to 50
  • Max militia changed to 10; every 5 minutes 1 militia will spawn up to max 10
  • Control is taken with existing militia if no player gang is controlling it
  • Locker is not cleared on taking/losing town
  • Town Control rewards:
    • Some items typical for town spawn every 5 minutes
    • 10% of trade value with NPC
    • 10% value of items crafted in town
    • 25% of scavenged items in town
  • Members of controlling faction get following rewards when present in town:
    • Experience Points every 5 minutes
    • Additional 10% experience from items crafted in town
    • Other rewards are on to-do list, like experience from quests finished in town, discounts on town services etc
  • More changes coming...


  • Many new Quests (also repeatable) and Jobs; discover them on your own
  • Starting Location changed (map made by Cerberix, thank you very much, great work) Yes check.pngHenry
  • Lander's Point added as Tutorial location where new players can learn how to play the game; it is optional though very recommended for new players Yes check.pngHenry
  • Main quest added
  • Brotherhood of Steel chain quest and new locations added Yes check.pngHenry
  • Town containers now spawn some low-level stuff randomly
  • Various quest encounters added
  • Music is now included in client
  • New player Bases Attention.png (Mansion needs to be added - what else?)
  • Depot Base and Trapper Camp Base can be bought for Caps in Klamath, Scrapheap Base in Redding, Outpost Base in Junktown
  • Added Player Farms Yes check.pngHenry
  • Blackjack and hookers added
  • New skins added
  • Large map changes, various mobile NPCs and town micro-events added
  • Raiders farm location added
  • Train stations are now visible Yes check.pngHenry
  • Homesteaders hired in base can now gather Xander Root and Broc Flower Yes check.pngHenry
  • Disabled spawning Predators in encounters Yes check.pngHenry
  • Various Gambling minigames added (Pool, Risk and others)
  • Player-Driven Caravans - buy a caravan cart and sell it in another location for profit
    • Every encounter is forced
    • You can get caravan-only encounters and caravans in encounters are visible from The World map
  • Added gear check for Caravans
  • Added sounds for unarmed combat
  • Explore the Stranded Ship quest is now repeatable Yes check.pngHenry


  • Scavenging passive skill added; you can find materials using Tool on various objects Yes check.pngHenry
  • Sneak skill cap changed to 270% Yes check.pngHenry
  • Disabled Steal on players and followers Yes check.pngHenry

Other Character Stats:

  • Armor Class completely reworked
  • Base poison resistance changed to 3% per each Endurance point
  • Characters with odd value of Agility will get +1 Move AP in TB combat


  • Small Frame removed Yes check.pngHenry
  • One Hander - +20% to chance to hit when using 1-handed weapons, -40% when 2-handed weapons. Adds +5 flat damage for 1-handed, range weapons Yes check.pngHenry
  • Kamikaze - +10% final damage, -10 DR every type Yes check.pngHenry
  • Heavy Handed - +5 flat damage, -20 critical power, Strength roll to knock down your opponent Yes check.pngHenry
  • Fast Shot - -1 AP cost for 1-handed aimed weapons, -2 AP cost for 2-handed aimed weapons, not possible to make aimed shots, attack have a chance to hit random body part
  • Bloody Mess now causes targets to die at 0 and less HP (but it applies to Bloody Mess character as well) Yes check.pngHenry
  • Chem Reliant - doubled duration of drug effects, but -1/3 to current hit points healed with items Yes check.pngHenry
  • Chem Resistant removed Yes check.pngHenry



New Items:


  • A lot of fixes everywhere
  • Probably lots of bugs, exploits and broken stuff
  • Barber/skin changes:
    • Reworked the way how critter animations are assigned; introducing system which allows to prepare skins for players in more comfortable way (by automatic some of common tasks) and allows easy spotting of possible mistakes
    • Whenever possible, similar animations was merged into one skin; different animations activate depending on currently equipped armor. Lot of human skins starts fusing player animations when wearing fitting armors - usually Metal/Combat Armor or better, but that's not a strict rule. Animals keep base animation (with few exceptions) despite of armor used
  • In few cases running limitation is enforced - ghouls won't be able to run even when wearing Combat Armor or better; remember to read skin description before buying

Further Plans:

  • Additional PvP modes/locations: Base Control, Domination
  • Further map modifications (some of current maps are *VERY* temporary)
  • Large dungeon with full loot enabled

RELOADED: Season 2 The Recent Past

30 August 2016 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Recent exploits hopefully fixed
  • NPC followers can attack players again - but only in Tents and Bases
27 August 2016 - Posted by Kilgore
Combat implant modules can be now bought at Dr Fung in San Francisco:
  • Nemean module - 750k bottle caps
  • Dermal/Phoenix module - 500k bottle caps
  • Character level 30 is required in order to buy any implant module

Removed Bozars/Vindicators as a possible reward from Courier Box quest.

19 June 2016 - Posted by Kilgore
Changes in the previous update have been reverted:
  • SPECIAL implant modules can be now bought at Dr Fung in San Francisco for 250.000 bottle caps each
  • Character level 30 is required to buy
7 April 2016 - Posted by Kilgore
Changes in the previous update have been reverted:
  • Full loot enabled (players drop everything on death!)
  • Weapon drops on the ground after a proper critical hit
  • PvP steal enabled again

BE CAREFUL! With full drop enabled again, you will lose all items you're carrying if you get killed. We will not refund any lost items.

1 April 2016 - Posted by Kilgore
Small Few Changes
  • Full loot disabled (players drop nothing on death)
  • Weapon "drops" to inventory, not on the ground
  • PvP steal disabled
19 September 2015 - Posted by Kilgore

Town Control changes:

  • Militia enabled in all TC towns; cost: 750 caps per guard; will react to murderers and thieves if town laws are properly set; max. 8 guards per town;
  • Weapon-carrying laws have no effect (militia will not shoot armed strangers with weapons equipped)

New Reno underground locker spawns:

  • one of armors (regular Desert CA/Helmet, Brotherhood CA/Helmet, NCR CA/Helmet, Enclave CA/Helmet, buffed Tesla Armor/Helmet, Combat Armor/Helmet Combat Armor/Helmet Mk II, Metal Armor/Helmet Mk II),
  • if no armor is spawned, then it spawns one buffed weapon (Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle, Gatling Laser, Super Sledge, Sniper Rifle, .223 Pistol, P90c, Pancor Jackhammer, LSW, M60, Avenger Minigun, Improved Flamethrower, Laser Rifle Ext. Cap., Wakizashi Blade, Grenade Launcher),
  • 10% chance for some 2mm EC, 4.7mm Caseless, Shotgun Dragon's Breath Shells or Hypos,
  • note: buffed means Advanced or Unique.

New Reno Commercial & Warehouse lockers spawn:

  • same as above;
  • in addition, there is 2% chance to spawn an implant or one of following items: Hardened Power Armor/Helmet, Power Armor/Helmet, Bridgekeeper's Robe, Turbo Plasma Rifle, Alien Blaster, Bozar, G11E, Gauss Pistol/Rifle, Vindicator Minigun
  • Changed expected spawn rate in Warehouse/New Reno lockers from 30 minutes to 20 minutes
  • Added few slags guarding locker at New Reno Commercial. Watch your step there - they are powerful enemies and will kill you on sight.

Other changes:

  • Faction rank is now shown for all ranks.
  • Some hex-throw and hex-shoot fixes.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed to join more followers than allowed in caravan runs.
  • Mutants in Ares will now instantly attack sneaked characters when detected.

Further changes 17/10/2015

  • Max. militia decreased to 6 guards,
  • Militia cost is now 1000 per guard.

Further changes 6/12/2015

  • Militia can no longer be bought, it only respawns after some time.

Further changes 17/12/2015

  • Book of Achievement displays (USED) if it has been used by another player and assigned to his character,
  • Book of Achievement displays info about remaining levels in description,
  • Displaying item description in player/player trade window has been improved.

Further changes 31/12/2015

  • Fixed a bug where hexshooting would ignore DR ammo mod - more details here.

Further changes 16/01/2016

  • Stats of NCR Police uniform were nerfed.
8 August 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • G11 and Solar Scorcher on ground graphics fixed.
  • Added custom graphics for resources and some misc items.
  • Fixed Louisville Slugger damage as in wipe changelog (24-60).
  • It is no longer possible to make slaves drop explosives via command.
  • Double Experience event starts now - see this thread for details.

Use Updater.exe to receive updated file. As always, post bugs with new graphics in this thread if you come across any.

19 July 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Added an option to buy any custom skin at Barber for 2500 caps.
  • H&K P90c kept in either slot now gives -100 penalty to Sneak as intended. Yes check.pngHenry
  • Fixed a bug where rifle kept in secondary slot would not give penalty to Sneak skill.
  • Tattoo no longer requires being older than 18. Yes check.png
  • Fixed a bug where you could raise Reputation with Gun Runners too much.
  • Fixed a bug where low Intelligence character was unable to speak with Smitty in Den.

Please note: skin-buying feature will be reworked to something more appropriate for the next session.

02 July 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Added preview/enter button to new grid in northern part of Broken Hills.
  • Changed/fixed distribution of bullets in burst attacks in cases where one bullet in volley misses target.
  • Fixed missing "inhales jet" floating text when using Jet.
  • Fixed on-screen timeouts disappearing faster then they should.
  • At Hinkley, increased amount of ammo distributed when fights begin.
  • At Hinkley, added Drug Antidote and "Full set" options to barman.
  • At Hinkley, rockets fired (and grenades thrown) with hex shooting will no longer explode outside of arenas.
  • At Hinkley, players will no longer lose armors/weapons when they die with explosion/pulse animation.
  • At Hinkley, fixed some missing blockers.


  • Added CenterChosen keybind that will center screen instantly on your character (instead of screen slide from Home button).
  • Add it to [Bindings] section of FOnline2238.cfg file. Example: CenterChosen=Ctrl 3
  • Added ability to define type of on-head Awareness in FOnline2238.cfg file in [2238] section by: OnHeadAwareness=1 (default)


  • 0 - Completely off (might increase performance on wooden pc)
  • 1 - Numbers over head (stars will still be displayed on town preview screen)
  • 2 - Stars over head


  • You can define style of timeouts displayed on screen by adding TimeFormat in [Timeouts] section int FOnline2238.cfg file. Example: TimeFormat=1

TimeFormat Values

  • 0 - 7:00:00, 7:00, 7 (default)
  • 1 - 7:00:00, 7:00, 7s
  • 2 - 7:00:00, 7:00, 7 sec
  • 3 - 7:00:00, 7:00, 7 seconds
  • 4 - 7:00:00, 7:00, 0:07
  • 5 - 7:00:00, 07:00, 00:07
  • 6 - 7h 0m 0s, 7m 0s, 7s
  • 7 - 7h 0 min 0 sec, 7 min 0 sec, 7 sec

You can define position, colors, and font for specific timeouts in FOnline2238.cfg file in [Timeouts] section. Timeouts displayed on Worldmap will only use colors settings with default position. To define custom timeout you can use:


  • CustomTimeout#=PositionX PositionY SpacingX NameColorR NameColorG NameColorB ValueColorR ValueColorG ValueColorB FontType ShowName
    • Example 1: CustomTimeout11=22 300 72 120 50 230 200 120 10 4 false
    • Example 2: CustomTimeout16=366 -344 92 10 110 200 120 170 10 7 true


  • CustomTimeout#=NameColorR NameColorG NameColorB ValueColorR ValueColorG ValueColorB
    • Example: CustomTimeout13=110 10 200 220 210 10

The # Value for Timeouts (missing ones are not used right now):

FontType Values (other than mentioned are not suitable for timeouts):

  • 4 - SPECIAL
  • 5 - Fallout
  • 6 - Thin
  • 7 - Fat
  • 8 - Big


  • VVish proudly presents - FOnline: Reloaded /art/items & some other ministuff, project version: 1.3b.
  • Archive contains images for items on the ground, also known as ground sprites.
  • The following items now have proper appearances when laying on the ground:
    • Ammo - 49 new images.
    • Craft - 48 new images.
    • Drugs - 37 new images.
    • Guns - 85 new images.
    • Miscellaneous - 34 new images.
    • Bonus - 2+2 desert armor sprites.
  • Credits:
    • ZGreen - used some ideas of graphics positioning and colorizing, also Sledgehammer, Vindicator and a bit more pictures.
    • BlindBandit - minor help + Psycho picture.
    • Onique Oyer - some of her works were re-done and improved to fit FOnline: Reloaded's quality requirements.
    • Some unknown authors of FO2, Desert Europe, Ashes of Phoenix - some pieces of their graphics were in use and also re-done.
    • VVish - main artist.


  • Use Updater to download file.
01 June 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • New stuff here...
28 May 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • New stuff here...
10 May 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • New stuff here...
09 May 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • New stuff here...
06 May 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • New stuff here...
04 May 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • New stuff here...
03 May 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • New stuff here...
26 April 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • New stuff here...

RELOADED: Season 1 The Past

28 March 2015 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Implant modules can be now bought at Dr Fung in San Francisco:
    • Nemean module - 750.000 bottle caps,
    • Dermal/Phoenix module - 500.000 bottle caps,
    • SPECIAL module - 250.000 bottle caps.
  • Character level 30 is required in order to buy any implant module.
  • Additional locker (same as in New Reno Arms) has been placed in Glow.
  • Warehouse has now less guards.
  • Added TC window to Klamath from 20.00 to 21.00.
13 April 2014 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Players will be always notified about an already existing Turn-Based encounter, despite of their stats, also there is additional warning about an encounter being Turn-Based,
  • Added Gecko's Breath shotgun shells, available at traders,
  • Followers (companions, slaves and mercenaries) will not attack players, even if attacked by them,
  • Enabled free barter with mercenaries,
  • Lock from lockers in Warehouse and New Reno Arms removed,
  • Added new faction names proposed by players,
  • Radio reception is disabled on new items (however default channel 0 stays),
  • Fixed a bug causing crashes in Modoc when using Fog of War,
  • Fixed a bug with entering encounters with other players,
  • Fixed a bug with changing armors on models 45/128 (Ian/Old Ian),
  • Fixed a bug with Solar Scorcher not showing %chance to hit,
  • Fixed a bug with Solar Scorcher not being reloaded by followers + description of this pistol,
  • Fixed a bug with default ammo type for Phazer,
  • Fixed a bug with Knockback perk causing knockout on melee weapons.


  • Run updater to get new graphics file (updated file).


  • The most important change is about followers. This change was going to happen with Wipe, but seeing constant PvE in PvP madness I decided to make it now. After wipe, mercenaries will be allowed to attack players. Not now because I'm aware of the fact that some players have enough funds (from bank interest and other things and exploits that were fixed in the past) to spam mercenaries PvP.
  • For PvE followers work exactly in the same way as before.

FIXES 22/04/2014

  • H&K CAWS burst changed to 5, max capacity to 15,
  • Pyromaniac will not affect shotgun fire ammo (it will be working again after wipe, with changed Pyromaniac perk)
  • Sneak penalty should be calculated properly for NCR, Enclave, Desert Combat Armors and Bridgekeeper's Robe,
  • TB-only warning removed when approaching "new" encounter.

FIXES 15/07/2014

  • Explosion of C4/dynamite removes all armed C4/dynamites inside explosion radius (by mojuk)
  • Fixed a bug with multiple detonations near doors.
30 March 2014 - Posted by Kilgore


  • Minor things, mostly bugfixes. Thanks to those who reported (Seki, Илюха, Mighty)
  • More to come

Additional changes to FO2238Config.exe tool:


  • Use updater to download new FO2238Config.exe
09 March 2014 - Posted by cubik2k
  • 4.7mm Caseless Ammo - DR mod changed from -20 to -15 Yes check.png Henry
  • H&K G11 damage increased from 10-20 to 21-34, burst increased from 5 to 9 bullets Yes check.png Henry
  • H&K G11E damage increased from 13-23 to 27-41, burst increased from 7 to 9 bullets Yes check.png Henry
  • Changed HK G11/HK G11E mag capacity from 50 to 45 Yes check.png Henry
  • Phazer damage changed to EMP, ammo changed from SEC to MFC Yes check.png Henry
  • Plasma Rifle has +5 critical roll bonus now Yes check.png Strike
  • Swing and thrust modes for melee weapons are now different; Thrust costs +1 AP but works as armor piercing attack; Swing is not changed
  • Knockback perk for melee weapons fixed
  • Some doors have now HP and require multiple explosives to be destroyed (currently only one inside Ruined Bunker, more in the future)
  • Slags enemies added, replaced deathclaws in warehouse and enemies inside V15
  • Changed loot inside Warehouse basement and Vault 15 to weapons/armors with bonuses
  • Changed behavior of Desert Hunters to a bit less aggressive
  • Renegades carry Super Stimpaks and Combat Armor Mk2 now
  • Lowered stats of some Clothes to LA/LAmk2 stats
  • Added NCR Combat Helmet, replaced Mirrored Shades with it wherever it spawned with NCR Combat Armor
  • Added a possibility to equip companion with Desert Combat Armor/Helmet and NCR Combat Helmet
  • Added new faction names proposed by players
  • Minimum level required to find new encounter (3+ players) changed from 12 to 9 (same as with caravan quest)

Changes to Ruined Military Base:

  • Added new Sentry Bots, changed weapons and stats of other bots
  • Boss added
  • Many changes with doors and lockers
  • Extended the area where the location can spawn, and added info where it spawned
  • Bug with TB and elevators fixed
  • Some keys will disappear after use
  • Fixed a bug with dead body's location in case it was entered with a vehicle
  • Added some music

Changes to Stranded Ship quest:

  • Added a special Mr Handy enemy (boss) on level 3 Yes check.png Henry
  • Changed loot in some boxes (random items with bonuses possible) Yes check.png Henry

Changes to Gunrunner Quest:

  • Mutants improved, added a special Super Mutant (boss)
  • Changed loot in some lockers (random items with bonuses possible)
  • Experience reward increased to 4000 xp


  • Run updater to get new graphics file (updated file)
16 February 2014 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Added new dungeon appearing in Special Encounter. Location will be removed after 24 real hours, some challenges and good loot inside (including random implant module) Yes check.png Henry
  • Decreased Hit Points of new (those harsh from previous update) encounter groups by 35% and few other minor changes
  • Improved stats of Caravan Leader (Hit Points and resists, also he cannot drop weapon)
  • Changed weapons carried by Caravan Guards from Assault Rifle to 14mm Pistol and Combat Shotgun to .223 Pistol
  • Robots and turrets are now vulnerable to EMP ammunition and grenades
  • Increased damage of Pulse Grenade to 150-300 Yes check.png Henry
  • Changed shotgun EMP ammo dmg mod from 2/1 to 3/2 Yes check.png Henry
  • Changed 4.7mm Caseless ammo: DR from -10 to -20 Yes check.png Henry
  • Changed Pulse Rifle perk from Penetrate to Long Range Yes check.png Henry
  • Changed various stats of robots
  • Added encounters with Desert Hunters group
  • Added Desert Combat Armor and Helmet with stats similar to CA but better vs explode
  • Updated description of green shotgun ammunition
  • Added new faction names
  • Changed Bridgekeeper's Robe to red color
  • Some clothes have improved stats now
  • Fixed a bug where Modoc Raiders would drop V13 suit
  • Changed default ammo type from JHP to AP for some weapons
  • Bank interest disabled Yes check.png Strike
  • Fixed a bug with New Reno Arms basement spawn
  • Changed basement with boxing ring in New Reno for an upcoming event
  • No-PvP mode for Hub Downtown enabled
  • Bug with Fiber Plant, Fruit Plant and Meat Table regeneration hopefully fixed
  • Militia disabled in all TC towns Yes check.png Strike


  • Use updater to get new file (
09 February 2014 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Stonewall perk now protects against knockdown from grenades, rocket explosions and shotgun bursts, chance to avoid knockdown is based on Strength, 10 ST gives roughly 95% chance, 9 ST - 80%, 8 ST - 60%, 7 ST - 40%, 6 ST - 20% Yes check.png Strike
  • Turbo Plasma Rifle has now +10 crit roll Yes check.png Strike
  • Shotguns can cause knockdowns up from 10 hexes (previously 7) Yes check.png Strike
  • Shotguns now have 10% per bullet chance to knockback (previously 20%) Yes check.png Strike
  • Decreased exp from ghouls, changed some stats of various critters in encounters
  • Added many new enemies in encounters, which appear only for groups of three players or larger, and for caravans. Players are required to have at least 12th character level: Yes check.png Henry
    • Mad Warriors
    • Dead Walkers
    • Rebeliants
    • Renegades
    • Melchior's Pets
    • Cultists of Colt
    • Followers of Rat God
    • Master's Elite Crew
    • robots
  • Changed encounter groups on caravan routes in order to make them more interesting
  • Caravans without player guards will enter only encounters with players
  • No encounters on town zones (only large green circles, like Hub, NCR, Redding etc.)
  • Added encounters on islands
  • Changed animation for .223 and 14mm pistols (SMG -> pistol)
  • Decreased Pancor Jackhammer burst from 6 to 5 and mag capacity from 24 to 20, Yes check.png Strike
  • Changed DR mod of green shotgun ammo from -40 to -20 Yes check.png Strike
  • Changed DR mod of purple shotgun ammo from -20 to -25 Yes check.png Strike
  • Decreased dmg mod for groin shots by 1, changed various crit effects conditions for head/arm/eyes/groin shots
  • Additional NPCs will show up in several locations (grave diggers and some drunkards)
  • Added NPC for checking current position and destination of all caravans. If they are in town, also departure time is shown. Caravan Master was added in Hub, near main grid
  • Warehouse map reworked, it's now bigger and has additional entrance
  • TC windows changed (Redding 21-22, Broken Hills 22-23) Yes check.png Mona
  • Added 1% chance to spawn random implant module in TC locker every 30min
  • Added 40mm grenade to TC locker spawn
  • Changed TC maps and zones:
    • Klamath - reworked trapper camp, extended TC zone to downtown
    • Redding - reworked some buildings, extended TC zone to the northern part, added entrance/exit grid at ** Wanamingo mine
    • Modoc - reworked chicken, reworked some buildings, extended TC zone to the northern part
    • Den - reworked southwestern part of the map, added entrance/exit grid there, added exit grid on south, extended TC zone
    • Gecko - additional entrances to the abandoned reactor
    • Broken Hills - reworked Residential area, extended TC zone
  • You can now play Russian Roulette via ~rr command. Needs a loaded magnum in active slot. Don't play it next to guards or they will loot your magnum :D
  • Gambling capped at 150% Yes check.png Henry
  • Companion spawn Modoc, Redding, Klamath, Gecko, Broken Hills and San Francisco
  • Removed starter items from companions
  • 12 level required to recruit companions
  • Range of Improved Flamer increased from 8 to 10 hexes Yes check.png Strike
  • Deathclaws in warehouse were boosted (skill% and damage)



  • More changes incoming. And yeah, I didn't forget about fixes for fibre plants and other crap. Probably in next update.. mini-dungeon (HQ of Bounty Hunters) is partially completed. Have fun!
05 January 2014 - Posted by Kilgore
  • An exploit with caravan having more than ten members hopefully fixed.
  • Caravans shouldn't fall into Turn-Based encounters anymore.
  • Caravan guards will use Combat Shotgun instead of Flamer in order to decrease friendly fire.
  • Car prices should be static now. Yes check.png Xaviien
  • New faction names added.
  • Increased range of Pulse Rifle from 45 to 48. Yes check.png Henry
  • Increased range of Gauss Rifle from 50 to 53 and maximum damage from 40 to 45. Yes check.png Henry
  • Decreased AP cost of "Little Jesus" by 1 AP and increased damage from 5-14 to 14-21. Yes check.png Henry
  • Changed DR Mod of 40mm Grenades from 0 to -15. Yes check.png Henry
  • Increased base price of Hypo to 1500. Yes check.png Henry
  • Added 2x Broc Flower to RadAway recipe. Yes check.png Henry
  • Added a missing hexblocker in Maltese Falcon.
  • Removed permanent +5 ST bonus from an unlisted quest.
  • New Reno Commercial Row, New Reno Arms basement, Warehouse and it's basement are now NoLogOut maps (characters stay in "off" state inside).
  • Few minor changes to New Reno Arms.
  • Added more aggressive Deathclaws to Warehouse.
  • Added East/West entrance options to Warehouse.
  • Added Footlockers to New Reno Arms and Warehouse. Every 10-50 minutes (randomly), each footlocker will delete what's inside and respawn new items.
    • 2% chance to spawn a random implant module (probably temporarily)
    • 25% chance to spawn several items like: 2mm EC ammo, 4.7mm Caseless ammo, Hypos, Howitzer Shells, Land mines, etc
    • 70% chance to spawn one random armor/helmet or one random weapon from these lists:
      • Advanced or Unique Armor -> Tesla Armor/Helmet, Combat Armor/Helmet, Combat Armor Mk II/Helmet Mk II, Brotherhood/Enclave/Ranger Combat Armor, Bridgekeeper's Robes, Brotherhood Helmet, Enclave Combat Helmet/Helmet Mk II
      • Standard Armor -> Power Armor/Helmet, Hardened Power Armor/Helmet
      • Advanced or Unique Weapon -> .223 Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Pancor Jackhammer, Improved Flamer, Rocket Launcher, Avenger Minigun, LSW, M60, Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.), Gatling Laser, Turbo Plasma Rifle, YK32 Pulse Pistol
      • Standard Weapon -> M72 Gauss Rifle, PPK12 Gauss Pistol, Vindicator Minigun, Bozar, YK42B Pulse Rifle

Review the original post and thread on forum.


As you can see, some necessary bug-fixes are included. Rare weapons were improved to make them more effective in battles (especially Gauss Rifle vs Pistol). 40mm Grenades were improved in order to make them more interesting for organized PvP. There was +5 ST bonus from some unlisted "quest" in Stables, NPC is long gone since it was reported (a month or two ago), now it's fixed. New spawners were added in order to encourage some small and medium scale PvP in New Reno and Warehouse and to increase availability of rare items, which were accessible only through TC and Special Encounters. Most notably: implant modules. With average of 30 min spawn and 2% chance, there should be roughly one implant module spawned by each footlocker per day. However, you never know when it happens. Remember that footlockers are cleared with each respawn so if nobody picks these items, they will be simply lost.


Of course it's not over as my to-do list is big and you can expect another update very soon.

24 December 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • VTDB enabled and links updated. Check character screen -> Online Yes check.png Henry
  • When flare is used inside an encounter, it will make this encounter visible to all players on worldmap. Beware of obvious traps! Yes check.png Charlie
  • Gathering Electronic Parts should be fine now.
  • Hub is the default Starting location for all new characters. Yes check.png Henry
  • It will be raining in few locations for testing purposes. If it doesn't cause problems like massive FPS drop, it will be more common and dynamic, later in other locations.
  • Mantis (ghoul giving Explorer perk) does no longer require INT higher than 3 to talk.
  • A lot of new faction names added.
  • Some typos and descriptions fixed.
  • Snow mod (by Skejwen) changes rain into snow.


  • To use snow mod, unpack contents of .zip into Client/data/art/misc directory (create if necessary). To revert it, just delete what you've unpacked there.
  • Run Updater to obtain new graphics (refreshed file)
  • Updater server:, Port: 4040


More changes, features and bugfixes are WIP, so there is another update coming in few days or weeks.

17 November 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Added a new vehicle - Chryslus Motors Corvega - 3d model made and rendered by Prowokator. Available at Gas Station for mere 200.000 caps Yes check.pngHenry
  • Grenade Launcher, Grenade Pistol and 40mm Grenade added to Fixboy (requires SG(1) and SG(2) profession) and Small Guns traders
  • Decreased time of Caravan leaders waiting in town
  • Caravan should take players even with combat timer on
  • Profit from bank interest limited to 5.000 bottle caps every time it is calculated
  • Guards in encounters will not shoot players that are too close, but they will push them away instead
  • Added fiber plants in Hub
  • Lit flares are stackable now
  • Hunting Rifles use .223 ammo now Yes check.pngHenry
  • .22 ammo removed Yes check.pngHenry
  • Companions can be told to use Bridgekeeper's Robes
  • Removed additional replication timer after Dynamite/C4 explode inside inventory
  • Added new faction names
  • Fixed a bug which caused all Locks to be used when installing it on a car
  • Fixed a bug where making a construction site would remove Vertibird
  • Dialogue and map fixes


  • Run Updater to obtain new graphics (refreshed file)
  • Updater server:, Port: 4040


Adding stuff - for more variety, as always. Some improvements of caravans, more coming. Profit from interest limited for those who have more than 1M on their accounts. I know it doesn't solve the problem completely, but maybe it's a step forward. Guards not shooting everyone standing next to them should fix problems with spawning in encounters. Additional replication timer for bombers/victims only encouraged usage of more alts and caused more trolling so it wasn't needed. My to-do list is larger but some things took more time than expected. There are many changes coming soon. mostly new stuff and possibilities.

06 November 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Grenade Pistol damage increased to 35-60
  • Grenade Launcher damage increased to 50-90
  • Changed graphics of Hypo
  • Micky in Broken Hills will talk also with idiots
  • Fixed a bug where caravan guards would spawn injured
  • Fixed a bug with plastic explosives
  • Fixed a bug where Magneto-Laser Pistol didn't require MFT System
04 November 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Stat check added to mercs and slaves
  • Reputation reset at Cathedral should now remove also Childkiller and Grave Digger status Yes check.png Xaviien
  • New player faction names added
  • Dialogue and item description fixes
  • Added exit grid near tanker in San Francisco
  • New weapon added: FN 69A1 Grenade Pistol, for now available only inside Hinkley for testing
  • New weapon added: M72 Grenade Launcher, for now available only inside Hinkley for testing
  • Combat Armor added to Hinkley (and Brotherhood Armor removed from there)
  • Slug/Flechette shotgun ammo added to Hinkley
  • Shotgun Slug/Flechette ammo adjusted by -5% of DR bypass each
  • Shotgun EMP ammo added to crafting table and traders
  • Green, White and Orange flares added to encounter lockers and caves
  • .44 JHP ammo changed from DR Mod 50 to 20 and Dmg Mod 3/1 to 2/1
  • .44 FMJ ammo changed from Dmg Mod 1/1 to 4/3
  • Increased range of Plasma Pistol and Plasma Pistol (Ext.Cap.) from 20 to 32
  • Increased range of YK32 Pulse Pistol from 15 to 30 and damage from 32-46 to 35-50
  • Increased range of YK42B Pulse Rifle from 30 to 45
  • Increased range of Alien Blaster from 10 to 28 and changed damage from 30-90 to 45-65
  • Increased range of Solar Scorcher from 20 to 32, increased damage 20-60 to 30-45 and damage type from laser to fire


  • Combat Helmet DR: 50%->35% DT: 4->3
  • Combat Helmet Mk2 DR: 50%->35% DT: 5->4
  • Enclave Combat Helmet DR: 50%->35% DT: 5->4
  • Brotherhood Helmet DR: 60%->40% DT: 7->5


  • Leather Helmet DR: 30%->15%
  • Combat Leather Helmet DR: 30%->15%
  • Leather Armor Helmet DR: 30%->15%
  • Leather Armor Helmet Mk II DR: 40%->20%
  • Combat Helmet DR: 50%->30%
  • Combat Helmet Mk II DR: 55%->35%
  • Brotherhood Helmet DR: 60%->35% DT: 6->4
  • Power Helmet DT: 12->6
  • Hardened Power Helmet DT: 13->7


  • Pyromaniac perk will be reworked later
  • Run Updater to obtain new item graphics (refreshed file)
  • If you don't have the updater yet, get this Updater.exe and put it inside your client directory
    • Updater server:
    • Port: 4040
30 October 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Decreased range of Pancor Jackhammer from 30 to 25
  • Increased burst of LSW from 3 to 5 rounds, decreased base cost of single shot and burst by 1
  • Decreased base cost of Bozar single shot and burst by 1
  • Changed shotgun Flechette shells: DR Mod from -50 to -45, AC Mod from -25 to -40
  • Changed shotgun Slug shells: DR Mod from -35 to -25


  • Added an option to see statistics of companion - his current level, experience, SPECIAL and best skill - via dialogue
  • Added an option to equip companion with Enclave Combat Helmet
  • Fixed a bug where a lock would not disappear after using on car
  • Faction armors (Enclave CA, Brotherhood Armor etc.) should no longer cause kill on sight in certain locations
28 October 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Increased price of Private mine from 70.000 to 100.000
  • Private mines now expire after one week and generate resource veins less frequently
  • To share location of a private mine, simply lead someone there
  • Maximum bank interest rate decreased to 0.5%
  • Decreased price of upgrades and other minor stuff
  • Barter book added to various random lockers
  • Combat Armor Mk II added to TC lockers with 10% chance
  • Removed blueprints from traders
  • Blueprints are now available for caps via dialogue option:
    • Armors - Rondo
    • Drugs - Renesco
    • Medical stuff - Doc Jubilee
    • Explosives - Zaius
    • Small Guns & Big Guns - Jacob
    • Energy Weapons - Ralph
  • FN FAL HP FA burst damage changed to 15-25 Yes check.pngHenry
  • Gauss Rifle weapon perk changed from Accurate to Long Range
  • Combat Shotgun, H&K CAWS, Pancor Jackhammer weapon perk changed from Accurate to Penetrate
  • Shotgun range changed to 20, Combat Shotgun and H&K CAWS to 25, Pancor Jackhammer to 30
  • H&K CAWS damage increased from 15-25 to 20-28
  • Increased burst of Combat Shotgun to 4 shells
  • Increased burst of Pancor Jackhammer to 6 shells and ammo capacity to 24
  • Changed Pancor Jackhammer damage from 20-31 to 22-30
  • Increased damage of PPK12 Gauss Pistol from 20-31 to 22-35
  • Increased damage of M72 Gauss Rifle from 25-36 to 30-40
  • Increased damage of Vindicator Minigun from 14-19 to 20-28
  • Changes to Bozar
    • Single shot damage from 45-55 to 50-60
    • Burst damage from 45-55 to 60-70
    • Burst mode range from 35 to 40
    • Decreased single shot base cost from 7 AP to 6 AP
  • Locks can be now used to lock your car if it was lockpicked
    • Works on trunk also
    • Lock's complexity depends on Repair skill of the character that uses it
  • Increased experience from crafting Tesla Armor to 320 XP
  • New shotgun ammo added to vendors and crafting table (except EMP ammo, not available yet)
  • Options to craft 500x .223 and 7.62mm ammo added to Fix-Boy
  • Town Control windows in Den and Modoc disabled
  • Town Control windows enabled in Gecko (21.00-22.00) and Klamath (22.00-23.00)
  • Pick all and drop all hotkeys now require 5 Action Points to use, cannot be used while knocked out/dead
  • OOC chat disabled when character is knocked out or dead
  • Sneak disabled for Combat/Metal armor users
  • Weapon in second active slot also counts towards sneak penalty now
  • Rewards from Caravan quests doubled (both exp and caps)
  • Waterpipes added to Barter Ground, faction Bases, Tents and Safe Houses (wherever they were missing - affects only newly founded/constructed Bases)
  • Vertibird landing zones added to Bases (affects only newly founded/constructed bases)
  • Changed Light Support Weapon
    • Damage: 22-37
    • Single Shot Range: 45
    • Burst Mode Range: 35
    • Burst Rounds: 3 with no burst spread
    • Ammo Capacity: 30
    • Single Shot: base 6 AP
    • Burst Mode: base 7 AP
    • Strength requirement: 6
    • Perk: Long Range


  • Metal Mask DR 75% -> 50%, DT 6 -> 4
  • Metal Mask Mk II DR 80% -> 55%, DT 7 -> 5
  • Combat Helmet DR 60% -> 35%, DT 8 -> 5
  • Combat Helmet Mk II DR 65% -> 40%, DT 9 -> 6
  • Brotherhood Helmet DR 70% -> 45%, DT 8 -> 5
  • Enclave Combat Helmet DR 65% -> 40%, DT 9 -> 6


  • Slug ammunition: AC Mod -10, DR Mod -35%, DMG Mod 1/1
  • Flechette ammunition: AC Mod -25, DR Mod -50%, DMG Mod 3/4
  • EMP ammunition: very effective vs robots, causes no dmg to other targets. Not yet available for players, needs more testing


  • In order to download new graphics files for shotgun ammo, put Updater.exe inside your client directory, then use it
    • Updater server:
    • Port: 4040
02 October 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Added an FLC agent
  • Added a parking lot for all types of vehicles and Vertibird
  • Lockpick disabled inside the location


  • Lockpicked cars can be easily stolen from there, so use only cars with locks
  • Cars that are left there by their owners might get removed, so remember to take them out of there when you've finished trading
30 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Fixed a bug with Hinkley spawn on barrels map (by cirn0, thanks)
  • Decreased price of Extended Capacitor Battery
  • NERFED damage of Minigun and Avenger Minigun from 13-16 to 12-15
  • Increased .223 Pistol dmg from 25-35 to 30-40
  • Added new faction names requested by players
26 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Fixed a bug preventing from encountering other players on worldmap
  • Repairing generator in Sierra Army Depot should be possible now
  • Reverted Plasma and Turbo Plasma Rifle weapon perks
22 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Removed TC window from Redding and Broken Hills - they can be now captured at any time
  • Added TC window to Modoc (21.00-22.00) Yes check.png Mona
  • Added TC window to Den (22.00-23.00) Yes check.png Mona
  • Guards from Den removed
  • Decreased price of some blueprints for easier access to them at traders
  • Item transfers with mercenaries are now free (only newly recruited)
  • Removed Pashtshuurs vs Enclave encounters
  • Added an option to reset all of your reputations to 0 for 5000 bottle caps (at Cathedral) Yes check.png Xaviien
  • Keri in Hub is no longer so hostile
  • Removed INT requirement from Smitty in Den
  • You can now buy Empty Jet Canisters from Jules in New Reno
  • Added an option to craft 500x 10mm AP/JHP ammo
  • Added additional weapons and ammo for Hinkley battles (by cirn0)
  • Fixed a bug with One Hander adding +5 damage when using two-handed weapons
  • Removed the requirement of carrying a Crowbar for certain Special Encounters
  • Increased Laser Rifle and Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.) damage from 40-60 to 50-60
  • Increased Plasma Rifle damage from 30-60 to 45-60
  • Changed Plasma Rifle perk from Long Range to Penetrate
  • Increased Turbo Plasma Rifle damage from 35-70 to 50-70
  • Changed Turbo Plasma Rifle perk from Long Range to Penetrate
  • Avenger Minigun now shoots 40 bullets instead of 30
  • Increased Minigun damage from 11-14 to 13-16
  • Decreased AP cost of .223 Pistol by 1
  • Changed Dynacord damage from 40-75 to 60-100 and decreased AP cost to 5
  • Increased H&K P90c magazine from 45 to 60
  • Increased H&K P90c damage from 13-19 to 15-25
  • Caravans should no longer fall into TB encounters - needs testing
  • Bug with fast NPCs in Real-time should be fixed - needs testing also
  • Small change for better performance of the game server
16 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Fast TB modification by wladimiiir (increased NPC speed in Turn-Based combat)
  • First aid and Doctor now available in Turn-based mode
  • Changed eyeshots/headshots in critical table (slight boost)
  • Increased max number of militia from 4 to 6 in each town
  • Decreased AP cost of Sniper Rifle single shot by 1 AP
  • Tobacco Plants now can't be moved
  • Decreased base price of Good Metal Parts
14 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Removed the option to buy militia
  • One militia NPC will be spawned every 30 minutes (up to 4)
  • Broken Hills TC window moved from 19.00-20.00 to 22.00-23.00, should bring more action Yes check.png Mona
  • Fixed some evil text in dialogue of Klamath leader
  • Tattoos are always visible
09 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Reduced Rad-X base price by 1/3
  • Added 2x Xander Root to Rad-X recipe
  • Added some materials to XL70E3 recipe
  • Sneak is switched off when using Pickup All hotkey
  • Pickup All hotkey disabled when there is a critter in adjacent hexes
  • Blocked animation when using Pickup All/Drop All
08 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Boosted XP gained from killing NPCs in encounters up to 2-3x
  • Finding car wrecks and FCC inside them should be much easier now and LK independant Yes check.png Henry
  • Wrench can now be used to repair cars
  • Super Sledge blueprint was added to traders.
07 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Super Sledge added to traders
  • Removed critters from private mines for now (was bugged). Will affect only new private mines
  • Encounter rate increased globally by 20%
  • Reverted minimum damage of Rocket Launcher from 65 to 49
  • Added Bounty Hunters near San Francisco
  • Removed INT check from Redding Doctor
  • Special encounters should be more difficult to find now
  • Players are able to use Vertibird now
  • Fixed key spawn in a Special Encounter with Vertibird
  • Gathering Electronic Parts should be now easier (increased capacity etc.)
  • Changed HQ Electronic Parts scavenged from some computers to typical Electronic Parts
  • Fixed a bug that name of crafter would not show up after upgrading the weapon
  • Increased capacity of crafted containers. Might work only for newly crafted containers
  • Decreased AP cost of Super Stimpak use from 6 to 5


  • Changed the Critical Table
  • Added healing of knockout effect with Doctor skill for testing. (Bugged currently will be fixed later)
  • Changed XL70E3 magazine capacity from 48 to 45, increased burst from 12 to 15 for testing
  • Changed P90c magazine capacity from 36 to 45, increased burst from 12 to 15 for testing
06 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Town Control enabled in all towns. See initial changelog for details
  • Militia limit currently set to 4 for balancing early game. In few days will be increased to 6, then to 8
05 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Decreased price of Explosive Rockets, 9mm ball and some materials
  • Guns & Bullets and First Aid books removed from bookstores
  • The message about other players in zone was made more clear
  • Fixed info in requesthelp message
  • Decreased experience from crafting 1-ingredient items: Sharpened Pole, Rope
  • Added 1 junk to 9mm ball and Explosive Rocket recipes
  • Fixed blueprint received from Junktown Mr Handy quest, should now give Super Sledge blueprint instead of Minigun
  • Lowered complexity of disarming bear traps
  • Adjusted bottle caps spawned at traders when they have low number of them


  • Town Control will start from tomorrow (Friday), 5.00 PM server time.
    • Initial militia limit will be set to 4 for all towns.


As some players reported, traders were constantly filled with rockets, 9mm ammo and materials because of high selling price. Low base price should make them cheaper to buy and also cheaper to sell. Books were removed from bookstores now until we find a use for them, G&B and FA book were confusing and reported many times as a bug. Experience from crafting simple items was lowered in order to make botting not worth it (I hope). An amount of Bottle Caps at traders was lowered a bit, in case you have problems with getting them, you should try other towns. I frequently check stores and some areas have a lot of caps while other, more crowded (like NCR/Hub) have almost none. Move outta these towns and you will be fine. This update might be considered by some as a nerf, but in the long run it should cure the gameplay a bit, I hope.

04 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Increased amount of gathering items in encounters (junk etc.)
  • Added an option to barber to get default female skin again
  • Testing another low-level chars protection system
    • Characters lower than 10 level are HARDER to encounter (lower level = less chance to encounter, minimum 10%)
  • Added a Crowbar to Hospital special encounter
03 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Removed mines in encounters with footlockers, only bear traps stay there. Mines can be found in lockers
  • Removed warning when traveling only with a companion (post if it works)
02 September 2013 (C) - Posted by Kilgore
  • Adjusted reinforcements for testing
  • Removed protection of low level characters on worldmap for testing, give some feedback about it
  • Fixed repair bug that could sometimes make items disappear
  • New faction names added
  • Added "myself" option to namecolorizing to colour your characters, you can use this example:
    • > myself NameGreen ContourGreen
    • Adding the line above to your Namecolorizing.txt file should color your character green
02 September 2013 (B) - Posted by Kilgore
  • Fixed dialogue bug in Caravan Box questgivers, Francis in BH
  • Removed INT requirement from Rondo in NCR
  • An attempt to fix Vortis vs Rangers war
  • Disassembling item should be more effective now, post feedback
  • Fixed bug with CTRL+G and gathering junk and other resources. Still, you will need to use G or click via mouse to gather Xander Roots, Broc Flowers (from Plants) and Flint
  • Fiber plants in encounters should now give 20 Fibers, post feedback if it's working
  • You can now gather resources also when overweighted
  • Disabled Weakness from dying and critically failed First Aid
  • Relaxed protection of low level characters on worldmap. Should result in more encounters with players now
  • Changed colour of message warning about mobs approaching in encounter to RED
  • Caravans will continue their journey after 10 in-game minutes now (30 seconds in game)
02 September 2013 (A) - Posted by Kilgore
  • Caravans guard quest requires 9th level now (was bugged, they required 10th)
  • Removed CH/INT requirement from Francis in Broken Hills
  • Meat delivery quest cooldown removed
  • Changed weapons for NCR Bazaar guards
  • Iguana Bob should be no longer lootable
  • Fixed a bug where reading books would give bonus after skill cap value (no profit from that, though)
  • HQ Minerals can now be gathered with Sledgehammer also
  • Thieves are shot by guards if they fail to steal
  • Fixed a steal exploit
  • Fixed spawn locations of Private Mines
  • Crafting Healing Powder does no longer require profession and gives 50xp
01 September 2013 - Posted by Kilgore
  • Removed CH/INT requirement from Cathedral shopkeeper in Necropolis
  • Added guards at Junktown northern gate
  • Junktown gate should be open all times
  • Skum Pitt will be no longer closed during the day
  • Fixed a nasty bug with Stables map
  • Added respawn of caps at traders
  • Fixed car repairing via Tools and Super Tool Kit
    • Old items might still be bugged, so use new ones to repair cars
  • You can now carry weapons safely inside NCR, Junktown, Vault City
  • Decreased number of Electronic Parts needed to craft Small Energy Cells to 4
07 August 2013 - Initial Changelog, Posted by Kilgore
  • Max nickname length increased from 12 to 16 characters
  • Soft level cap at 24, you can gain more experience levels without HP/Perk gain (but with Skill point gain)
    • There is no other level cap - not even 99 level cap
  • You are able to exceed your Carry Weight (up to 200% CW), but you will be unable to run
  • Carry Weight increased for all characters by 20kg
  • Odd values of Endurance give additional +1 HP each 2 levels, starting from 2nd level (additional +12 HP)
  • Fixed a bug on registration screen where you could register a character with INT=0 or STR/AG>10
  • Added option for female characters to get a green mohawk skin at the barber (animations by: Geras and Yanok) However, not all animations are available:
    • Jumpsuit - Basic animations and knife
    • Leather Jacket - All animations
    • Leather Armor - Basic animations, knife, pistol and SMG
    • Metal Armor - Basic animations and SMG
    • Other armors can be used also (Combat Armors, Robes, Power Armors) - ofc they have all animations


  • Merged Unarmed and Melee Weapons skill into one: Close Combat. The other skill is unused for now
  • Lockpick cooldown decreased from 2 minutes to 15 seconds
  • Decreased Lock complexity for most lockers. They should require max 150% Lockpick now
  • Lockpicking an already lockpicked car will no longer give experience points
  • -50 Sneak penalty for sneaking in bluesuit
  • -150 Sneak penalty for using Heavy weapons (previously -72)
  • -100 Sneak penalty for using Rifles (previously -36)
  • Increased experience reward for disarming explosives to 150xp (from 50)
  • Traps skill scaled down, will have maximum effect at 150% skill
  • Fixed disarming of Anti-personnel mines
  • Experience from using First Aid is not gained by characters with level higher than 30. Fast solution, later will be changed with something better
  • Changed experience from dismantled items to 25 + 1% of item base cost
  • Maximum value of some skills was capped as following:
    • First Aid, Doctor: 200%
    • Outdoorsman: 175%
    • Lockpick, Traps, Steal, Barter: 150%
    • Science, Repair: 125%
  • While capped, skills have maximum effect so for example you will need 125% Repair for same results as previously with 300% Repair


  • Doesn't require another item to repair
  • 125% Repair -> 95% chance for successful repair
  • Successful maintenance repairs item to max condition, at the same time it decreases max condition by:
    • 3-5% if used with Super Tool Kit in active slot
    • 8-10% if used with Tool in active slot
    • 12-15% if used without additional tools
  • Failed maintenance only decreases max condition (as above)
  • 5% chance to break your tools
  • There is a chance that max condition will not be decreased if you use tools
    • Super Tool Kit: 20% chance
    • Tool: 10% chance
  • No Cooldown
  • Added Wrench as an additional tool for repairing
    • Less effective than Super Tool Kit but better than Tool
    • Will decrease max condition of an item by 6-7% and has 15% chance of perfect repair (no max condition decrease)
  • Added Oil Can as rare repair tool
    • Only one-use tool
    • It will always repair an item perfectly (without max condition loss)
  • Perfect repair gives 250 experience points


  • Increased movement speed gained from Pathfinder perk from 15% to 25%
  • Pack Rat was moved to Support Perks and requires only level 6
    • Give by Dangerous Dan in Redding
  • Strong Back moved to Support Perks with no change to requirements (Level 6, Endurance 6)
    • Given by Francis in Broken Hills
  • Dismantler - requires 120% Science (previously 150%)
  • Master Thief - requires 125% Steal (previously 150%)
  • Mr. Fixit - requires 120% Repair (previously 150%)
  • Negotiator - requires 125% Barter (previously 150%)
  • Pathfinder - requires 150% Outdoorsman (previously 175%)
  • Pickpocket - requires 125% Steal (previously 175%)
  • Treasure Hunter - requires 125% Lockpick (previously 150%)
  • Increased Hit the Gaps effect from -25% to -50% of target's armor's critical modifiers
  • Removed "Best of Bad Lot" support perk, due to changed Repair system it is no longer useful
  • Removed Spray And Pray perk for balancing
  • Changed Bonus HtH Damage to More HtH Criticals and HtH Criticals to Better HtH Criticals perks
  • Last character perk from leveling should be chosen until level 30, or it will be lost (this change was required vs implants)
    • There is a warning after level 24 if the perk was not chosen
  • Removed Fast Reload perk
  • Quick Pockets now reduces reload cost to 1
  • Increased level requirement of Quick Pockets to 6


  • Factions can be found by one character
  • Old Namecolorizing.txt (2009/2010) with improved functionality
  • Added an option to colorize whole factions in Namecolorizing.txt by their number automatically (one line per faction)
  • Added ~factionnames command to list all factions and their numbers
  • Amount of materials required to build a base was decreased:
    • Depot - 250x Firewood (was 1000), 250x Junk (was 500), 15x Metal Parts, 10x Electronic Parts
    • Trapper's Camp - 30x Brahmin Hide (was 50), 30x Firewood, 15x Metal Parts, 10x Electronic Parts
    • Scrapheap - 350x Junk (was 2000), 50x Metal Parts (was 100), 10x Electronic Parts
    • Outpost - 250x Firewood (was 500), 300x Junk (was 1750), 15x Metal Parts, 10x Electronic Parts
  • Changed Bunker base price from 500.000 caps to 350.000
  • Bunker base will now spawn between New Reno, Redding and Broken Hills (instead of Necropolis)


  • Removed cooldown for Caravan box quest
  • Increased reward for Caravan box quest: 250 caps (previously 100 caps) and 300 experience points (previously 50)
  • Mira's debt reward changed from 75 to 750 experience points
  • Buster's cigarettes reward changed from 30 caps and 80 exp to 300 caps and 800 experience points
  • Increased experience for Bunker quest, from 100 and 150 exp to 1000 and 1500
  • Cathedral basement quest now gives 1500xp instead of 150xp, does no longer require Lockpick skill, added few valuable items
  • San Francisco subway quest now gives 2500xp instead of 250xp, also added Flamer and Laser pistol, some ammo and few valuable items
  • Mutants in Gun Runners Caravan Package quest are again lootable
  • Tanker quest is now repeatable after 6-9 hours
  • Tanker quest requires 18 level now
  • Improved reward for completing "Deliver Message for Elmer" quest: 3000 experience points (previously 500) and Geiger Counter
  • Improved reward for completing "Find Lucy for Hernandez" quest: 250/1200/2000 experience points (previously 100/500/1000)
  • A Man's Job - improved reward to 8000xp, 6000 Bottle caps, 14mm Pistol, Scout Handbook and 60x 14mm ammo for Slavers and to 8000xp and 3000 Bottle caps for non-slavers
  • Howitzer Shells - improved reward from 300xp to 750xp
  • Get a Dean's Electronics Book - improved reward from 200xp to 800xp
  • Scavenge for Lorraine - improved reward from 50xp to 150xp and 250xp to 1350xp, also ammo from 50x 10mm JHP to 350x 10mm JHP
  • Montag's Water Pump - improved reward from 300xp to 900xp
  • Therese in LA - improved reward for book to 500xp
  • Investigate for the Sad Wife - improved reward from 200xp to 500xp
  • Repair Becky's Craps Table - improved reward from 300xp and 200 bottle caps to 900exp and 400 bottle caps
  • Delivery quest for Becky - increased reward to 650xp and 150caps
  • Joining Raiders - added FN FAL HPFA and 100x 7.62mm ammo to reward
  • Far Go Scout - improved reward from 200xp and 20 caps to 400xp to 120 caps
  • Iguana Pete's Missing Son - increased reward from 500xp and 300 bottle caps to 2000xp and 500 bottle caps
  • The Gun Runner Delivery - increased reward to 750xp and Metal Mask Mk II blueprint
  • The Wasteland Band - increased reward for every part of the quest, added Scout's Handbook
  • Collect the Radscorpion Eggs - increased reward from 250xp and 250xp to 1250xp and 450xp
  • The Inoperative Mr Handy Robot - changed blueprint reward from Needler to Super Sledge
  • Medical Investigation - increased xp reward from 100xp to 500xp for every station and for finishing quest
  • The Vault City Contact - increased reward from 200xp to 400xp
  • Make some deal for Whiskey Bob - reward boosted to 750xp and 275 bottle caps
  • Get brahmin hides for Balthas - Charisma requirement removed, cooldown lowered to 15 minutes
  • Check Orville Wright's contacts - reward is now Speech-based. Kitty will speak with you even if you have 10 EN / AG
  • Water the Farmers - reward increased to 150xp, cooldown lowered to 15 minutes
  • Meat Delivery from Grisham in Modoc
    • Delivery to Mom in Den - 525xp and 225 bottle caps
    • Iguana Pete - 750xp and 350 bottle caps
    • Miky NCR - 720xp, 320 bottle caps
    • John MacRae - 550xp, 320 bottle caps
  • Slave run changes: Level 18 required, Cooldown removed, Rewards decreased a bit


  • If no one noticed it before, caravan quest has been added shortly before 2238 was closed, so it's now in game
    • Crimson Caravan: Hub->NCR->BH->VC->New Reno
    • Far Go Traders: Hub->SF->Redding->Modoc->VC->New Reno
    • Van Graffs: Redding->Den->Klamath
    • Stockmen's Association: Redding->New Reno->NCR->Junktown->Hub
    • Goods'n Go: Gecko->Broken Hills->New Reno->NCR
    • Hang Transportation: SF->Adytum->Hub
    • Gun Runners: Hub->NCR
  • Character level 9 required. The quest should be an easy way to get some money and experience
  • Increased reward for caravans - 1500 caps per route (instead of 250), also 150xp * character level
  • In case of failure, you can pay 2500 caps to reset caravan quest status
  • Maximum number of caravan NPC guards decreased from 9 to 4
  • Caravan guards have higher Hit Points, Perception and weapon skills
  • Caravan guards have unlimited ammo
  • One of caravan guards will carry Laser Rifle instead of FN FAL
  • Rewards for various caravan routes adjusted - based on length and difficulty of route
  • Experience gained from caravans is now Reward*Character level/10
  • Caravan leader will now use Plasma Rifle instead of M60
  • Added colorizing of NPC caravan members (green)

2238 Long Ago (but not forgotten)

June 28th, 2012
  • Silent Death works with 14mm and .223 pistols
  • Kamikaze now reduces Damage Resistances instead of Damage Thresholds
  • Bear trap graphics
  • Stability and performence fixes
  • Fibers visible in field of view only
  • VTDB should save characters data correctly now
  • Browsing in faction terminals
  • Metzger slave run locations should no longer disappear prematurely
  • Toxic Caves elevator
  • Extended some maps near specific entrances that would lock the client's vision
  • Patched ghost wall holes in certain maps
  • FOV and weapon range contours should be displayed correctly. Also see the fog of war (Features)
  • Many dialogs errors
  • Minor stuff


  • Added the display of fog of war (shadow over the area outside FOV)
    • to enable it, bind it to a hotkey using 2238 config tool. Use the hotkey to toggle its display in game
    • to change the fog color, add the following string to FOnline2238.cfg in [2238] section: FogColor = R G B A where R, G, B and A range from 0 to 255. There might be a slight difference between FOV contours and the fog of war boundary due to different drawing methods * no need to report that unless the difference is big
  • A new repeatable quest, talk to Martin at Westin's Ranch


  • Gun Runners courier quest: box is removed after succesful lockpick
  • Right between the eyes mow reduces Helmet Anti Crit Modifier by 50% instead of 25%
  • Helmet Anti Crit Modifiers doubled
  • Adrenaline Rush increases Damage Resistances by 15, 10, 5 and Damage Thresholds by 3, 2, 1 when current HP is below (or equal to) 25%, 50% and 75% of total HP respectively. This is not cumulative
  • Removed cap for Armor Class
  • Updated the base config tool. Changed FixedFPS setting behaviour: negative values disable fixed fps rate and instead work like old GameSleep (value taken negative, i.e. FixedFPS=-5 is equivalent to old GameSleep=5). Using negative values can greatly increase the performance on older machines, be sure to check it out. If in doubt, start with values around -2. Remeber that FixedFPS setting is ignored when you enable VSync
  • Armour condition drops by half on violent death (instad of flat 75p%) decrease
  • Changed Gunrunners Courier Job: Decreased reputation needed to enter the faction to 900. Added limit of max. 1000 reputation being possible to gain from doing the job
  • Increased damage and clip size for XL70E3
  • Minor resistance modifier increase for JHP ammo
  • Advanced materials crafting batches
  • Adjusted critical hit tables

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