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Blood-Soaked Heroes, the new "main quest", has been further documented. Explore this exciting story!
Remember to check the Changelogs for the latest updates.

Engine Code Released, and New Version Under Development!!

This is the biggest news in the history of the game: Anton “Cvet” Cvetinsky, FOnline's founding developer, not only released the engine code about a year ago, which many FOnline developers immediately dove into (including The Rotators from 2238), but he is also working hard on a new engine version. For the FOnline public to get the engine code was important, comparable perhaps to the invention of the transistor back in the age of TV tubes. But to see Cvet so actively laboring on this project should get all of us amp'd up.

First Update of 2019

Some fixes, but mainly we have a new client. Download it here.

Another Update!

Sky Tower and Vault 4 quests have been updated, and they are now repeatable! Details.


Dayglow is a new PvP location with full loot drop and top-tier gear including Power Armor and Implants!

YouTube Channel

We now have a Credits page, and an official YouTube Channel!

There was an AWESOME UPDATE on May 8th!)

2018 May 08, devs loaded a nice update with an interesting change to Town Control, and some new PvE content! Check It Out!

Welcome to Reloaded, Season 3!

As of 01 September 2017, Season 3 began!

There were many changes, many new features, and tons of new content. This forced the wiki into an immediately out-of-date state. Editors have been working to get it all caught up. It's not too bad now as of September, but we're mainly enjoying game-play, so there's still more work to do.

Finding Exploits

All players need to be reporting whatever exploits are found. Do not make selfish use of them, as tempting as that may be. Report them instead, and maybe get a reward. The alternative will likely lead to being banned. You don't want that, so report exploits via PM to Kilgore, DocAN, mojuk, or Corosive either on forum or in Discord chat.

Enjoy exploring the many undocumented things. Welcome to Reloaded's Season 3!


Rollbacks are when a bug is found that is serious enough that the solution process involves loading the game to a previous point. Sometimes 8 hours of player progress might be lost. All those ores you mined in the last couple hours might be gone! Nobody wants to lose progress, so this is another reason why all players are called to report bugs and exploits.