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If you're new, here is some Build Advice to get you started.

Builds on this wiki are ready-to-use Character schemes, meant to provide a quick way for players to get effective Characters without having to design them from scratch. If you're new, and you want to get started quickly, you might begin with the Strong Explorer build, to get some Tents, a car, maybe a private Base, and do some Quests and other PvE. The most popular PvP build types are snipers and tanks, but also rocketeers, crit bursters, Pyromaniacs, and pugilists. Some common PvE or Role-Play build types might include miners, Medics, locker-hunters, slave traders, all-purpose explorers, and many more.

A good build covers everything from Traits and SPECIAL, to three tag Skills and Perks as the Character gains more experience, but might also include a leveling plan, which Support Perks the build allows, which Drugs the build is meant to use, and often a primary weapon.

NOTE: Builds can become obsolete as development changes are implemented, and especially when a new season begins after a Wipe. Thus builds posted here can change - check with your faction members for best advice.

Builds are typically optimized for either PvE or PvP game-play.

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