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The latest big challenge is a full PvP location called Dayglow which is highly Radiated, guarded by strong Slags, and frequented by the game's best players, because it has "tier 4 gear" including various types of Power Armor, rare weapons and ammo, and Implants. Dayglow is a full "loot drop" location though, so be warned!

Another popular challenge right now is collecting Cute Little Puppets by defeating Telltale bosses. Then you exchange Puppets for special good gear, by finding a Wandering Lunatic.

Watch out for devs to announce "Double-XP Weekends"! Sometimes they do this, and it always surprises everyone, and it's a great time to do some leveling.

There are some new places, called Vault 4 and Sky Tower! Rumor is, one has 10 levels!

Defeat waves of enemies in a zombie invasion at a public battleground location given in Junktown!

Ongoing Role-Play Ideas

All it takes is a small group of players to build a gang with some specific, weird, cute idea for some Role-Play fun, like one of these:

  • Combat Droids might look like you and me, but you can tell by the way they talk, they are cold metal.
  • A gang of all super mutants: The Barbarians! They carry a giant's intimidating presence wherever they go!
  • A Wasteland Baseball Team! They wield Louisville Slugger baseball bats and treat the whole world as one big baseball game, doing the most devastating HtH damage!
  • A swarm of mischievous Orphaned Children might show up at Hub, and run around acting like typical kids, showing off how smart they are, how strong they are, how much faster they are than you!
  • A club of gamblers with a dress code, who meet regularly in a casino in New Reno. They might pop some Drugs, maybe toss back some drinks, risk some Caps, and talk about who-knows-what while hanging out in the casino!
  • A team of Combat Medics, who fight, heal people, sometimes tag along other's quests to assist, carry all sorts of medicines and maybe use Needler Pistols.
  • The Cowboys might show up at Hub and run a cattle drive of Brahmin and Dogs down the street and exit - just for laughs!
  • Colonial Marines! The space-marine corp fighting unit from the movie Aliens is already running around the wasteland, with all your favorite characters spitting lines from the movie:
    • "I say we nuke the site from orbit - it's the only way to be sure." -Hicks!
    • "What are we supposed to kill them with? Harsh Language?" -Frost!
    • "Hey wait a minute - there's somethin'..." -Spunkmeyer!
    • "It's game over man! We just got our asses kicked!" -Hudson!
    • "You always were an asshole, Gorman." -Vasquez!
    • "You heard the man! Assholes and elbows! Get to work, people!!" -Apone!
    • "I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid." -Bishop
    • - and all the rest!
  • There is a Miners Union, who work in the Mines as a team, with strong PvP builds, meant to beat any PKs who try to mess with them while they work. They use Drugs and they work fast. And most of all, they amass tons of HQ Resources for Crafting the best gear!
  • Fight Club! A club of all-HtH fist-fighters, who meet in secret places to duke it out 1v1 while the rest of the club watches and places bets!