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FOnline: Reloaded is a project founded by Kilgore, and based on FOnline: 2238. The game uses FOnline: 2238 as a base and tries to improve it in almost every area.

As described by Kilgore on fodev:

The idea was to make 2238 less time-consuming, add some focus on factions and get rid of all "features" that made the game a bit boring. If you have any additional suggestions (especially those that can be made easily), feel free to share them. There must be a lot of things I forgot about. This is only a test that will last about two weeks. Also, this is running on our test server which might get quite laggy if crowded. I have no idea how many People it can take, so before you start whining about possible lags, please go get some fresh air. If there are enough People that are satisfied with changes, there will be an official launch on a dedicated hosting later after this test.