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Our Glorious Game Engine
Current Engine: FOClassic v7
Rev: Reloaded 994
Implemented: 01 April 2019
By: Rotators

The current game engine used in FOnline:Reloaded is FOClassic v7, Reloaded rev 994, as of 01 April 2019.

The FOnline Engine is an online game engine, meant to support Fallout and Fallout 2 graphics as well as the other games files (.dat, .frm, etc). The development of the FOnline Engine started in early 2004, developed by a Russian team led by cvet, and has never been connected to any Interplay or Bethesda project.

The MMO game engine allows players to play together in a fallout world, meet NPCs, fight creatures together and explore quests. Each character's progress is stored in his Pip-Boy as he gains experience and Levels based on his choices, actions, and skills.

The FOnline SDK was originally released to the public at end of August 2010, but source code for the engine itself has never been made available to the public until late 2018. Thus, game development has been largely limited to the SDK, until recently. The most recent public release of Reloaded's FOnline SDK was in December of 2015.


  • FOnline: The Life After (TLA), made by the developer of the FOnline Engine
  • FOnline: 2238, made by the Rotators.
  • FOnline: Requiem
  • FOnline: Australia
  • FOnline 2
  • FOnline: AoP (Ashes of Phoenix)