Requesting Custom Faction Names

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So you want to start a faction, and you want it to have a really cool name. Good! Many cool faction names have been added to the game, ready for you to use. Of course, people who have already started factions have already chosen some of the names, so those are no longer available. (No duplicates are allowed.)

In this thread on the forum, players can request their own custom faction names be added to the game. It is slow to get new names added, since there are already a lot of worthy names available, so it's best to choose a name that is already ready and available in-game. However, if you are fixated on a specific name for your new faction, it can be added...


  • First look through the existing list of available Faction Names. Use this in-game command in a character's chat bar: ~ffn
  • The list is more easily reviewed out-of-game, so press F2 to write the output to a text file in your game directory. If you want to start your faction sooner rather than later, then choose a name from that list.
  • If however you're willing to wait a few weeks (or months) for a custom faction name, first use this in-game command to check to see if the name you want is already in use: ~factionnames

Again, F2 will write the output to a text file in your game directory.

  • If you're sure you want a specific name, and it's not in the above lists, then request the custom name according to the following:


It's an admin chore to add your custom faction name requests, so here's the deal now offered. Make it easy to do, and it's more likely to be added. Observe these rules:

  • Names need to be under 25 characters long. This includes spaces and apostrophes.
  • Use proper case when typing names. ex: Turbo Dudes, not turbo dudes.
  • No spelling errors.
  • No joke names.
  • Religious names are more scrutinized, so if they are even slightly offensive, they get skipped.
  • No names that troll other names.
  • No stupid names. Help us keep the list uncluttered with names nobody really wants.
  • No porn-related names, or otherwise disgusting or perverted names.
  • Expect admins to skip/ignore names that are judged "under par".
  • Use the forum here to submit your requested name.
  • Once you request a name, you have to be patient and wait. Do not pester anyone for it.

NOTE: New faction names being added do not show up in-game until a server restart. That means if the server has not been rebooted since you requested your custom faction name, then don't expect it to be available yet.

Recyclable Names

If you're a known veteran, you will likely get whatever name you want that meets these requirements, even if you're the only one who will likely want that name in the future. However, if you're new here and you request a name that only you will ever appreciate, please do not request it yet. Ideally, we want a list of names that are not single-player specific. Many new players quit after 45 days. The list should not forever be cluttered with unused names that nobody else wants. (Purging old/bad names is also a chore.)

Remember a Few More Points

  • If requested names cannot be copied and pasted as-is, for example because they require spelling corrections, then don't expect admins to add those names because nobody wants to make your corrections for you. Type it right or it likely gets ignored.
  • If you break rules above, expect your names to be skipped, and possibly your forum post to be deleted.
  • No complaining. Game is free, and there's already tons of worthy names in the list.
  • If your requested name gets skipped, you can appeal. Use this forum to send a PM to whomever is maintaining this list.

If you give admins a reason to start ignoring all of your requests/suggested names, because for example too many of your suggested names do not pass admin scrutiny, then all of your names might get overlooked. It takes time to do this task, and with no pay, so consider carefully what name(s) you request.