Scripts Overview

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Scripts Overview
Lists of the script files from Reloaded version 1 source, to help you find where to edit/modify values/scripts.
Season All Seasons
Status Completed
Completion 100%
Authors Slowhand
This Chapter Definitions and Macros
More Chapters Definitions and Macros
Game Mechanics
Inner Logic

FOnline SDK Scripts Overview These pages will list the script files from Reloaded version 1 source, which will help you find where to edit/modify values/scripts. (Subject to updates). This is meant to serve as a helpful reference for anyone who uses FOnline tutorials.

  • Colors
    • Definitions = assignment values to variables (for better understanding of the code).
    • Macros = definitions of macro functions (functions used often, in different script files).
    • Script files which contain only definitions or macros are colored greenish.
    • Script files which contain other scripts than defines are colored blueish.
    • Script files that are (supposed to be) related to other script files, but are unused or were never used are colored grayish.
    • Script files listed nearby each other, without being separated by descriptions, belong together.

1. Definitions and Macros

  • _ai.fos AI definitions
  • _animations.fos Character animation definitions, macros.
  • _bags.fos NPC default loot definitions. (What will a random NPC drop?)
  • _basetypes.fos Critter type definitions.
  • _client_defines.fos A lot of definition related to the client: message types, fonts, screen types, cursor, mouse, items, scrolls, keyboard keycodes, combat messages, effects, etc.
  • _client_maps.fos Map definitions for client
  • _colors.fos Macros and a function related to color.
  • _defines.fos Lots of definitions and macros.
  • _dialogs.fos Definition of dialogues, basically every dialogue file you use, must be present here.
  • _entires.fos Definition of entires, these are placeholders where to spawn items, critters, cars etc.
  • _globalvars.fos
    • Server: Definition of global variables. These variables are used to control refill, respawn timers for craft materials like iron, fibers, etc.
    • Client: Config of awareness perk, TC display, fog, etc.
  • _macros.fos Macros for general usage.
  • _mapper_defines.fos Definitions used by the Mapper tool.
  • _mapper_macros.fos A few macros used by the Mapper tool.
  • _maps.fos List of maps.
  • _math.fos Useful macros related to mathematics.
  • _npc_pids.fos Definition of NPC id's.
  • _scripts.fos Definition of some of the scripts.
  • _time.fos Time calculation related macros, converting minute, hour, etc. to seconds.
  • _town.fos Definitions related to towns, TC timer.
  • _vals.fos A few definition of special values.
  • _vars.fos Game variables, their type, boundaries and description. Since Dialog editor fails to add new game variables, these needs to be added manually.