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The VTDB configuration prompt.

NOTE: The VTDB feature itself is working but the site is offline temporarily.

In-game, open your character profile and click the Online button to access your character's Vault-Tec Database configuration prompt. Enabling any of the following options will allow you (and other players) to view your character's profile on the web:

If any of the options mentioned above are enabled, more information is also viewed online:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender

Additionally, there is an option to enable all of these at once. The VTDB feature is an excellent way for you to share character info with others. Anyone can Alt+Click your character to get his Character ID, then open his own online character page to see your character's information by replacing his Character ID with yours, and refresh the page. This feature is still being developed, and a few bugs have already been reported.

Note: Integration with XFire may also possible, pending more info as it develops.

Character Search

You can also use the VTDB feature to search for other characters in what appears to be a master list of all characters in the game, including their in-game Character ID. Once the list loads, use Control+F to search for specific characters.

Status of this Feature

  • Was developed by "WHINE TEAM"
  • Further modifications by Reloaded Team
  • The VTDB feature itself is working but the site is offline temporarily.