A Development Tutorial

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A Development Tutorial
Get the developer tools and try building new content for this game!
Season All Seasons
Status Progress Stopped
Completion 75%
Authors Slowhand
This Chapter Title Page
More Chapters Title Page
Setting Up Local Server
Development Kit Setup
Making Maps
The World Map Editor
NPC Dialogues
Create a 2-Map Zone
Monsters, Loot, and Scripts
Tracking Quest Progress
Scenery Scripts
Dialogue-to-Quest Location
Chapter 10
Setup of Scripting Environment
Understanding Quest Scripts
Chapter 13
Dialogue: The "SAY" Menu
Chapter 15
Lockpick Cooldown
Repeatable Locations
Floating FA Text
Roulette Game
Dialogues vs Scripts
Simple Kill Quest
Chapter 21
Mysterious Stranger Perk
Perk Installation
Black Jack Game
Black Jack Installation
Sound Effects
Pro Tips
Notes Need to add images
Scripts Overview

This is a brief development tutorial for developing FOnline. In this tutorial, the FOnline: Reloaded version of the SDK is used, but it should be fully compatible with the original SDK as well. Note that not everything is compatible, especially scripts. If you plan to follow this tutorial, it is easier to use the Reloaded version. See Chapter 01 for install instructions.

Copies of this tutorial can be found at both the game forum and at FoDev.net as well.

From the Editor
Slowhand has done an amazing job here of documenting development steps for FOnline: Reloaded. Anyone wanting to contribute development work will surely benefit from this excellent work. The above links are to the original articles he posted on the Reloaded forum, originally as two guides. This wiki version is a straight copy and paste from the forum, broken into chapters to fit the Guide template here, and includes various edits for clarity including sentence restructuring. Both guides have been combined, but otherwise the content itself and its order have been altered as little as possible. All credit to Slowhand.


Other Ideas

  • Add a small simple quest, step by step style, where the objective is to kill a nearby critter for the quest giver. (No need to generate a new private map for it.)
  • Add a guessing game, step by step style, where the player has to guess riddles, using the "Say" menu to give the answer, instead of selecting from possible dialogue options.