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Damage is a measurement of how harmful an attack is to a character. When a character takes Damage, it is subtracted from his or her Hit Points. Damage will cause death when a character's hit points reach -20. Non-human critters die when their Hit Points reach 0.

All Weapons have base damage values. But the final damage delivered to the target, can be modified by:

Damage Type:

About Bursts, A Player Note from Mars Sultan
Bursts, with the exception of shotgun bursts, generally spread into 3 streams: center, left and right. This is to simulate a "cone" effect at range. There is an initial stream of rounds/6 which travels down the center, a left stream of (rounds+1)/3 that travels slightly off-center to the left, and a right stream of rounds/3 that travels slightly off-center to the right. The remaining bullets in the burst will go down the center in a second stream (rounds - rounds/6 - (rounds+1)/3 - rounds/3). The initial, left and right stream are integer-divided and thus rounded down. However, the initial stream will always contain 1 bullet at minimum. This is more or less the vanilla burst behavior of FO1/FO2, adapted for FOnline.

The initial stream is necessary because without it you'll literally shoot under the legs of someone who's one hex away from you. Now, let's say you're aiming at someone far away but a critter is blocking the path (at range). The blocker will absorb the second center stream (total rounds - rounds/6 - (rounds+1)/3 - rounds/3) and the guy you're aiming at will take the initial stream (rounds/6).

At a range of one hex, the blocker would take both the center, left and right lines (rounds - rounds/6) and the guy you're aiming at would eat the initial stream (rounds/6). If you're bursting a target at one hex, it's reasonable to assume that all three stream (and therefore all bullets) will connect with your target.

So, what does this mean in a practical fight? It means that even if your gun bursts 40 bullets, the expectation is that roughly 1/3 of the fired rounds will connect with the intended target at range, assuming no misses.

Example: The Avenger Minigun fires 40 rounds. Initial Volley: 40/6 = 6.6667, rounded down => 6 rounds Left Volley: 41/3 = 13.6667, rounded down => 13 rounds Right Volley: 40/3 = 13.3333, rounded down => 13 rounds Second Center Volley: 40 - 6 - 13 - 13 = 8 rounds

The Avenger Minigun bursts 6 + 8 = 14 rounds at a ranged target.