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Dismantling or Disassembling is the use the Science skill on most weapons or armors to get various resources. 10% of resources are recovered on average, or 20% with the Dismantler support perk. Weapons and armor that are used to craft the disassembled item are always recovered. Dismantling cannot be done during combat.

  • Weapons that can stack in number (throwing weapons, sledgehammers, brass knuckles, etc.) cannot be disassembled.
  • The item's condition/broken status does not affect this ability.
  • 20 xp is received for each item disassembled.

NOTE: You can disassemble items lying on the ground. Just press 7 and click on them. You can also assign a hotkey to disassemble all items on the ground.

If you want to disassemble entire piles of items all at once:

  • Put them all on the same position (hex) on the ground
  • Place your Character at the same position
  • Use the Hotkey "ScienceAtHex" (Bind "ScienceAtHex" to a Key in the Configuration)

All resources from dismantling and all items that can be further dismantled will be placed in your Inventory.

NOTE: Since the start of Season 3 packs of ammo in the size they are crafted in can be dismantled for resources (eg. 100 Shotgun Shells, 80 Flamethrower Fuel, 50 BB's, 10 Rockets).