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Modifies Chance to receive items from disassembling weapons.
Initial level 4% * Intelligence
Related perks Swift Learner
Related traits None
Maximum 125

"Covers a variety of high technology skills, such as computers, biology, physics and geology."

Science skill is needed for one of the many professions.

In practical use, the science skill determines what resources, if any, you will receive from dismantling weapons. Science is also used to obtain electronic parts from computers.

Note: Each character can read up to 10 Big Book of Science Skill Books to increase Science skill by 6 Skill Points per book.

Note: Maximum science skill is 125. You can attempt to make it higher but it will go back to 125 and give you your points back.

Professions Requiring Science

Combat Skills Small Guns · Big Guns · Energy Weapons · Close Combat · Throwing
Important Skills First Aid · Doctor · Lockpick · Repair · Science · Outdoorsman
Other Skills Scavenging · Sneak · Steal · Traps · Speech · Gambling · Barter