Fast Shot

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Fast Shot
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Benefit -1 to AP cost of single shots (one-handed weapons); -2 to AP cost of single shots (two-handed weapons); +5 flat damage bonus for unarmed or melee .
Penalty Firing Aimed Attacks becomes impossible

You don't have time to aim for an targeted attack, because you attack faster than normal people and your bullets can randomly hit different body parts. It costs you one less Action Point for guns and thrown weapons, and then one less with two-handed weapons.

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With Fast Shot, your attacks cost one AP fewer than they normally would when using one-handed weapons, and two APs fewer when using two-handed weapons. Moreover, you inflict an additional 5 points of damage on a per-attack basis whenever you hit your target. The trade-off is that you lose the ability to perform any sort of Aimed Attacks.

Additionally, your single shot attacks have a chance to hit a random body part, when using weapons with aim mode disabled by Fast Shot.

Fast shot does not reduce the AP cost of bursting or of weapons that cannot do Aimed Attacks, such as rocket launchers or either of the weapons that fire 40mm Grenades. It does apply to thrown weapons, but only those that could normally be used to perform an Aimed Attack, e.g. throwing knives. All weapons benefit from the +5 flat damage bonus, however.

NOTE: Players using unarmed or melee weapons do not receive any AP bonus from Fast Shot, but they do get the +5 flat damage bonus.

Other Traits
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