Kilgore's Mapper Guide

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Kilgore's Mapper Guide
A guide to using the mapper, a developer tool used to make encounter maps that can be added to the game, if they are good enough. Assembled by Reloaded's lead developer himself on the game's main forum, and copied here with minor edits.
Season 2
Status Being translated...
Completion 60%
Authors Kilgore
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Basic Commands
FOMAP File Structure
Common Mistakes
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Having a mapper tool and knowing how to use it via good instruction, is how potentially all players can get directly involved with game development in Reloaded. Making maps tends to be slow, but anyone who spends enough time becoming more familiar with the mapper tool will be able to create worthy content that can be implemented into the game. To that end, this guide will help a lot.


Even using this guide, do not expect to make a map for the first time and get it immediately added to the game. It takes time to learn the best methods and to make top-quality maps that are good enough to get added, and developers are rightfully picky. The following guide was originally posted on the game's main forum, here.


This guide will help you use the FOnline mapper. I will gradually translate and update my old guide which can be found here.

This new mapper package is quite different from the old version because it contains more than 1000 various maps, including:

  • Fallout 1 & 2 maps converted to FOnline format
  • 2238 source maps
  • TLA maps
  • Bonus! Some maps from unfinished Wasteland 2155 project
  • In addition, it contains several template maps which are very handy in fast mapping
  • Of course, the everlasting great "e_desert1" map.

Questions about making maps and mapper should be posted here.

NOTE: This version of the mapper is compatible with our post-wipe Reloaded.

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1. Download package
2. Unzip package
3. Copy fallout.dat from your FOnline client to mapper's /data directory. You can find fallout.dat in the full client. If you don't have it, see README in next chapter - master.dat/critter.dat will do.
4. Run Mapper.exe

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