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Registration and Login Help
Having trouble logging in?
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You can get the fastest help by chatting with the community live via our Discord chat. On forum, click the Chat link on the top menu bar.

Account Types

  • Forum accounts used for posting messages on the game's forum only.
  • Character accounts used for playing the game itself.
  • Wiki accounts for helping us maintain this game's wiki.
Hint 1
Get a password notebook, and write down all of your game-related login info. Keep a record!

This game has it's own forum and you can register a forum account for posting messages there. Registering on the forum is not tied in any way with logging into the game itself. To log into the game, you must register a character via the game client's registration screen. When successful, write down your password. The character registration screen looks like this: CharReg.gif

Login Trouble

Sometimes people register a forum account and expect it to work for logging into the game itself. This does not work. Character registrations are not tied in any way to forum accounts. To register a character, launch the game client, and click the Registration button. Configure your character's build, choose a name and a password. Then click done, and notice the on-screen text message to see if it worked. If your registration is successful, the new character name will show up in the login field.

Hint 2
It is highly advised to write down all of your game-related login info.

If you're trying to log in a character and the password isn't working, refer back to your written notes to verify you're using the proper password. (You did write it down, right?)

If your password is still not working, hold down the Control key while on the login screen to see the hidden password, and verify you've been typing it correctly.

Hint 3
Seriously, just write down all of your passwords and login info.

Password Resets

Do not bother anyone to get a password reset. If you lose a password, consider it gone until you remember. The game "staff" here are not paid anything, and no money is being made on this game. It's free and thus support is scaled accordingly.

Hint 4
It's really easy to just write down all of your game-related login info somewhere.

Trouble Registering a Character

While in the registration screen trying to register a new character, watch the on-screen text messages for errors. Common errors include:

  • Missing or bad choice of character name/password
  • Choose 3 Tag Skills means you tagged less than 3 Skills as your primary Skills.
  • Wrong SPECIAL data

Wrong SPECIAL data errors can occur for various reasons and the message gives no further details, so you have to figure it out. You're not allowed, for example, to choose Bruiser but then bump your ST down under 5.

Hint 5
In case you forgot: Write down all of your FOnline:Reloaded game-related login info.

See Also

Hint 6
Did we mention this? Write down all of your FOnline:Reloaded game-related login info.