The Winston Family Mansion

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This place looks like a warzone! Wonder what's going on? It doesn't look very safe though… there's people with guns everywhere!

The Winston Family Mansion is a location on the east coast of the map. The Winstons have a house in the middle surrounded by some land. They have apparently been ruled to be criminals, and the Cops are already on-scene, about to start their siege and attempt to make arrests, knowing the Winstons will resist. This will be a little war, and in the chaos, you can easily become involved in unintended ways.

Some of the Cops are wearing NCR Ranger Armor and others are wearing Metal Armor Mark II.

Once combat begins, the Cops will mainly attempt to arrest Junior, a massive 6750 HP mutant wielding an Incinerator, but may also interpret your presence there as hostile to their cause. So don't be surprised if they attack you too.

When you try to dialogue with members of the Winston Family, you will see messages like: "This is my last stand", "This is my Legacy", and "You'll never take me", etc.

The Winston "Family" is an odd combination of NPCs including a senior mobster-style member with over 8k HP, Junior the mutant with over 6k HP, a white alien named Kronenberg, and a ghoul among others.


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