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This article is about caves in random encounters. For the faction base, see Bases.

Finding Caves

Random caves are found in random maps in mountain areas on The World map. A cave entrance will always be at the top of the map, going into a cliff.

Inside Caves

Often times, a cave is barren and has nothing in it except dirt. However, there may be various critters that inhabit the cave you stumbled upon.

The following list is not comprehensive.

NPCs that can be found in caves:

  • Deathclaws (adult, over 200 Hit Points)
  • Mantis
  • Large Radscorpions
  • Rats
  • Dogs
  • Cute Slaves
  • Handsome Slaves
  • Healthy Slaves
  • Bootleggers (Female)
  • Bootleggers (Male)
  • Cannibals
  • Bandits
    • May have 10mm Pistols, 14mm Pistols, or other small gun.
    • Wear Leather Jackets and Leather Helmets.
    • May have extra ammo in their inventory.
  • Mercenaries
    • May have knives, combat knives, switchblades, rippers, clubs, crowbars, sharpened spears, 10mm pistols, Desert Eagles, 14mm pistols, shotguns, combat shotguns, H&K CAWS, hunting rifles, assault rifles, or sniper rifles.
    • May have stimpaks, jet, caps, and extra ammo in their inventory.
    • Wear Leather Armors and Leather Armor Helmets.
  • Raiders
    • May have sharpened spears, Desert Eagles, assault rifles, combat shotguns, H&K CAWS, and probably the same things that Mercenaries have.
    • May have caps and extra ammo in their inventory.
    • Wear Leather Armors and Leather Armor Helmets.
  • Female Raiders (green mohawk)
    • May have knives, switchblades, combat knives, sharpened spears, rippers, ...
    • May have caps in their inventory.
    • Wear Leather Jackets and Leather Helmets.

What is living in caves, and how populated it is, is mostly random, but scales up based on your party size. Random low-grade items are often found on cave floors, including rocks. If there are any items at all, that usually means there is something living in the cave, as well.

Special Items Found in Caves

There are sometimes exciting things to be found in caves too, but check their condition as they can be useful or quite worn out:

Additional Features

Watch closely and you might find Alien Bones on the ground, the remains of some unearthly creature, which can be searched.