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One cap, the wasteland's currency in its smallest denomiantion.
Primary Use Paying for these...
Nuka-Cola and Beer
Player Farms
Skill Books
Rerolling Characters
Barter w/Merchants
Refining Uranium
Jet Cans
HQ Fibers/eParts
Bio Med Gels
Super Tool Kits
Reputation Resets
Alternate Use Player Trades
Vending Machine
Implant Surgery
Item Upgrades
Coin Toss Animation
Weight 0 grams
Base Price 1 caps

Bottle caps are the standard currency in FOnline:Reloaded. This is the money in most standard use in the wasteland today. It's considered weightless, so there's no limit to how much you can carry.

NOTE: You can see a special coin-toss animation if you "USE" any Caps in a hand slot, and you'll see a message telling you if was heads or tails.


It was in the town of Hub where the people of the wasteland chose bottle caps as the new currency standard, which is why caps are sometimes called hubbucks. They were chosen because the technology needed to manufacture and paint them has been lost during the Great War, which limits the number of bottle caps that would appear in The World. That limited number also assures their value is preserved.

This doesn't mean the old Dollar-based currency is entirely gone. In fact, any branch of the FLC Bank will convert 6240 caps into 1248 Dollar coins, so you can use a working videocom machine, which only takes old coins. One such machine is found in Shady Sands and must be used multiple times during the Blood-Soaked Heroes quest.

How to Earn Caps

You can earn caps in many ways, and here are some examples: