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Large Deathclaw
Maclawaa sw.gif
One of the most deadly creatures in the wasteland.
Variants Small
HP Range 80-1240
XP Range 250-1500
Notes See text

Deathclaws are a brutish and dangerous mutation of the Jackson's Chameleon, with additional genetic material tossed in for good, lethal, measure.

They can be found in further-off locations from Towns, the vast desert of The Great Valley, some mountainous and flat-land regions, and often times in Caves. While a challenge, they are a decent source of XP.


Deathclaws are a dangerous foe to encounter in the open wasteland and will often have their younger, smaller, offspring with them. They are fast, boasting a large amount of AP, deal considerable amounts of damage per hit, often aim for the head or eyes with a good chance for a knockdown or a critical KO, usually come in packs, and are quite tough with a combination of innate resistances and high HP. Bearing these details, one should pay careful consideration to running across these if they so dare to venture into their territory. Caves can be particularly dangerous as what may simply appear to be a lone rat or Deathclaw can often times spring forth an ambush-onslaught of a family of them from around corners, cave halls, and so on.

Deathclaws are melee creatures, and as such, must close the gap between themselves and their prey, which their AP and general toughness easily grants them the ability to do. While a good burst weapon can help whittle down those that manage to get too close, and the Flamer or Incinerator can help make ashes of bunched up groups, making attacks likes these will likely leave you exposed in terms of AP, and so are a gamble. Unless you have an out, you should not take on groups of Deathclaws without a partner or follower of some sort. Suffering even one unlucky KO can easily spell your doom.

A melee Character may find these to be a very difficult challenge unless they have taken the In Your Face! or Stonewall perks.