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The state an item (a weapon or a piece of armor) is currently in, displayed as a numerical value. 100 means that the item is brand new, 1 means that it is almost completely broken. The repair skill is used to maintain the condition of such an item. If the weapon's condition falls to 0, it will become beyond repair.

There are 2 separate values that define items condition: Current condition and Max condition.

Current condition represents items current wear and tear. Current condition deteriorate when item is used (shooting from a weapon or taking damage with armor) or when PC die with equipped item. If current condition reaches 0% the item is broken (guns cant be used and armors offer no protection when broken). Current condition can not be higher than Max condition.

Note: Armour condition drops by 20% on violent death. If a player or NPC dies while standing, the condition of that person's armor drops by 1/5.

Item can be repaired unless its broken. When item is repaired the max condition goes down from 3% to 15%, depending on tools used to repair it, and current condition will be raised to new max condition.

"Condition" is the new word for Deterioration, but most of the mechanics behind them are the same, except now, a broken item cannot be repaired, and high Condition is good, while low Deterioration is good. Also note that vehicles still use Deterioration as opposed to everything else.

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