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Modifies Chance to repair damaged or broken items.
Initial level 3% x Intelligence
Related perks Mr. Fixit
Related traits None
Maximum 125

"The practical application of the Science skill for fixing broken equipment, machinery and electronics."

The repair skill allows you to fix damaged weapons and armor. See deterioration for more information about damaged things. It is also a requirement for some professions. Vehicles must be repaired regularly, too.

With high enough Repair, the character can Repair Becky's Craps Table in The Den.

Neither Perception, Intelligence, nor Luck are of any effect when it comes to perfectly repairing something.

NOTE: Each Character can read up to 10 Dean's Electronics Skill Books to increase Repair skill by 6 Skill Points per book.

NOTE: Maximum repair skill is 125. You can attempt to make it higher but it will go back to 125 and give you your points back.

Repair skill

  • Doesn't require another item to repair
  • 125% is max Repair, which is 95% chance for successful repair
  • Failed maintenance only decreases max condition (as above)
  • 5% chance to break your tools
  • No cooldown
  • Successful maintenance will repair an item to max condition, at the same time it will probably decrease overall max condition by:
    • 3-5% if used with Super Tool Kit in active slot
    • 6-7% if used with Wrench in active slot
    • 8-10% if used with Tool in active slot
    • 12-15% if used without additional tools
  • There is a chance that max condition will not be decreased if you use tools:
  • You can find Oil Cans, a rare single-use repair tool that repairs an item perfectly without max condition loss. These are mostly used on rarer items since they are one-use only.

How to Actually Repair Items

  • press i to open your Inventory
    • you probably want to have a Super Tool Kit equipped in your first hand to use its repair bonus
    • the Item you want to repair needs to be in your inventory, or equipped
  • move the mouse pointer over the item you want to repair
    • it has to be the arrow pointer
    • if you see the hand pointer for moving stuff: right-click to switch to the arrow
  • while the mouse arrow is over the item you want to repair: press down your left mouse button and hold it
    • a small menu will pop up, still hold down your left mouse button
    • move the mouse arrow to the third symbol (face) in that menu, still holding the left mouse button down
    • when you selected the face symbol it will light up, now release the left mouse button
  • your Skilldex will open
    • click Repair
    • check your log for Maintanance successful, failed or perfect
    • if it failed you can try again

Professions Requiring Repair


Having a Tool in an active hand slot increases repair skill by 25% and Super Tool Kit increases it by 50%

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