L.A. Gold Reserve

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L.A. Gold Reserve is a dungeon of normal difficulty that can be accessed by scaring a Regulator. Find a Regulators encounter, and talk with one while you're wearing a Metal Mask. He gets spooked, and reveals the location on The World map.

NOTE: Level 30 may be required.

The location is visible to the public, so expect to see other players show up; PvP often ensues. The location will last for 1 RT hour.

  • There are 5 Keys in total, that are used to unlock various doors to gain access to the bank. They have to be looted from the NPCs.

It is advised to loot all guards and take their Weapons, because they will Respawn after 10 RT minutes.

Keep in mind that this will lower your Reputation towards Regulators. Yes, those Regulators that protect the Respawn point near Boneyard.


  • Lockers in bank safe contain 50k Caps and 5600 Dollars, equal to 78k Caps in total.
  • Large amounts of FN FALs and other weapons carried by guards.
  • Combat Armor Mark II can be found in the building near the entrance.