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Map of the Boneyard

The city of Los Angeles must have been the largest in the world before the War. The L.A. Boneyard stretched forever, the skeletons of buildings lying under the hot sun. Not even the wind entered this dead city. I found many enemies, and a few friends, in the Boneyard. I killed when necessary and learned more about the nature of my true foes.

-Vault Dweller's memoirs.

In FOnline: Reloaded the Boneyard is split into several locations:


Most people in L.A. died after the bombs dropped, due to radiation poisoning, disease, famine, and each other. Some, however, took shelter in the demonstration Vault, and eventually most of them emerged in 2092, founding the Boneyard. Many of them were the founders of Adytum, a fenced town in the suburbs of the old Los Angeles. Some, however, founded other communities, like the Blades, the Rippers, the Followers of the Apocalypse and the Gun Runners.

In the 2150s, a pack of Deathclaws appeared in the Boneyard, taking over the base of the Rippers. In 2159 Jon Zimmerman, the town's mayor, hired a band of mercenaries known as the Regulators to help protect New Adytum from the Deathclaws and the odd random attack by raiders, who by 2161 were in control of Adytum.

By 2241, Los Angeles will eventually become one of the states of the New California Republic and Adytum became known as New Adytum.




Greetings message: "You have entered the small town of New Adytum. It is surrounded by walls of fences which provides protection from outside threats."

Adytum or Adytown is a small industrial town in the southern section of the Boneyard, founded by the inhabitants of the demonstration vault. The community was fairly self-sufficient, growing its own food and manufacturing ammunition from chemical components garnered on-location (from Brahmin Dung for example) to exchange for necessary supplies. Aside from the inhabitants eking out an existence, the New Adytum is home to several scavengers under the informal leadership of Sammael, who comb the city for long lost artifacts and information.

The town was well fortified, surrounded by a double chain-link fence and patrolled by armed Regulators. However, it became dependent on deliveries from the Hub when their hydroponic farms broke down, with the merchants abusing their position as the sole sustenance of the community, making a tidy profit on ammunition from Adytum.

Over time, the Regulators could expand their influence over wide parts of the Boneyard and grew to a strong and repressive police force in this area.

Location: New Adytum is located at Grid 30:46 (deep inside the Boneyard).

Activities in New Adytum


Crater is everything that left from the Cathedral after its destruction during events known from Fallout 1. Other than curiosity, there is NO reason to go here.

Crater in Boneyard

Location: Crater is located at Grid 29:46 (deep inside of the Boneyard), and is not worth the trip more than once.

Followers of the Apocalypse's Library

The Followers of the Apocalypse inhabit a Library in the western segment of the Boneyard. Led by Nicole, the Followers are dedicated to scholarship and to ensuring that humanity does not repeat the mistakes that led to the Great War. While ostensibly like the Children of the Cathedral in being dedicated to the cause of spreading peace throughout the wasteland, they are suspicious of the latter's motives. Talius, a ghoul-like mutant partially exposed to FEV by the Master's forces, found refuge among the Followers, and helped them understand the true nature of the Children. After the death of the Master, the Followers of the Apocalypse became a major influence in the newly-founded New California Republic. Also they are in charge of the newly opened Boneyard train station.

You can buy holodisks in the library for 500 caps each (normal merchants sell for about ~60 Caps).

Location: Library is located at Grid 28:45 (near the Boneyard Train Station).

The Salvagers

Today Downtown is the home and headquarter for the Salvagers of the Angel's Boneyard. The Salvagers are a loose group out of many people, which have made it their job to scavenge for everything useful in the ruins of LA. They are living in a old pre-war nightclub in the north of New Adytum. Their location is hidden by default.

Around the year 2162, the area was used by a group of survivalists, named "The Blades". The Blades, led by a woman named Razor, have been later wiped out by the Regulators, after the son of Zimmerman, the former leader of Adytum, has been killed.

To see the Salvager's area, you need to talk with Dyer Greenberg or Governor Hendriks.

Location: Salvagers Camp is located at Grid 29:46 (almost the center of the Boneyard).

The Gun Runners

The Gun Runners are a "gang" operating out of a fortified factory named Fortress in the north-eastern part of the Los Angeles Boneyard. They can give you access to an Advanced Workbench where you can do advanced crafting, but you'll have to earn some good reputation with them first.

NOTE: The Advanced Workbench at Gunrunners does not look like any workbench, but a table there with stuff piled on it.

Originally, they were a normal gang, like the Skulz, Blades etc., which had come to the Boneyard from the Hub in hopes of securing their own territory in the city. Shortly after arriving, approximately thirty years before Fallout takes place, they decided to start a gunrunning business, having settled themselves in an abandoned factory with functioning manufacturing equipment which they used to assemble high-tech weapons and ammunition. Up until roughly ten years before Fallout takes place, they had been using their own supplies of scrap metal in their manufacturing process, but since running out they have had to rely on trade with Adytum to support their business. Once the Regulators began running Adytum, trade between the two groups became far less fair with respect to the Gun Runners, and they began to grow desperate in search of another location which they could use to supply themselves.

The factory/fortress itself is surrounded by a pool of highly toxic waste, and the only way across is a single wooden plank, connecting the two sides of the moat. Marshal is inside the main building, and Alexei is standing guard just outside.

Talk to Marshal if you are looking for work. Through dialog options, you can obtain the following quests. This is a good way to boost your reputation with the Gun Runners so you can access their Advanced Workbench.

Location: Gun Runners are located at Grid 30:45 (eastern edge of the Boneyard).


The abandoned Warehouse is inhabited by Deathclaws in the underground, and Slags on the top. The Slags and Deathclaws respawn after 10 minutes.

It is currently used as a mini-dungeon and PvP battleground.

Warehouse in Boneyard

There is a chest which can be opened with around 130 Lockpick - but all guards around it have to be killed first. In the basement there are also a few chests to loot - it demands also around 130 Lockpick.

Location: The Warehouse is located at Grid 30:45 (the same grid as the Gun Runners).

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