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Surgical Implants! A feature in FOnline: Reloaded that allows you to enhance your Damage Resistance, increase maximum Hit Points, and boost your character's SPECIAL stats. Each character can have no more than one of each SPECIAL implant, in addition to other implants that are often called "the combat implants".

NOTE: SPECIAL is still limited to 10 in each category, so trying to use an implant to boost Endurance, for example, on a Character that already has EN 10, will not work.


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A picture showing some of the implants.

Dr Fung in San Francisco is able to perform implant operations. In order to do that (for each operation), he needs:

  • One of the various implant modules per operation
  • One Combat Armor per operation, which can be used
  • 100k bottle Caps per operation
  • Patients (that's you!) must be free of all Poison and radiation prior to surgery

Only one surgery can be performed at a time, and is done via dialogue with Dr Fung. Any one character can have all implants installed. Implants are a permanent modification of the character and cannot be lost or transferred in any way.

NOTE: All of a Character's installed implants are lost when that Character is rerolled.

NOTE: You can't Dismantle Implants, "That does nothing.".

Obtaining Implants

Basic Implants (Requires 30th Character Level)

Name Effects Caps
To Buy
30 Dermal Impact Armor 2% Normal / Explode Damage Resistances 500k
30 Phoenix Armor Implants 2% Fire / Laser / Plasma Damage Resistances 500k
30 Nemean Armor(1) +10 Max Hit Points 750k
30 Hypertrophy Accelerator +1 Strength 250k
30 Optics Enhancer +1 Perception 250k
30 Nociception Regulator +1 Endurance 250k
30 Empathy Synthesizer +1 Charisma 250k
30 Logic Co-Processor +1 Intelligence 250k
30 Reflex Booster +1 Agility 250k
30 Probability Calculator +1 Luck 250k

Advanced Implants (Requires 40th Character Level)

Name Effects Caps
To Buy
40 Dermal Impact Assault Enhancement +2% Normal and Explode Damage Resistances
+1 Normal and Explode Damage Thresholds
40 Phoenix Assault Enhancement +2% Fire / Laser / Plasma Damage Resistances
+1 Fire / Laser / Plasma Damage Thresholds
40 Nemean Armor(2) +10 Max Hit Points 750k

When he sells them, a maximum total cost to buy a full set of SPECIAL implants from Dr Fung is 1.75M Caps, and another 4.1M Caps for a full set of the others, often called "the combat implants". So a total of 5,850,000 Caps for a full set of all implants when you can buy them from Dr Fung, but you can't buy them from him now.

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