Blood-Soaked Heroes

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Blood-Soaked Heroes
Nfvaltaa sw.gif The Quest-Giver is:
Location A Tent in the Wasteland
Requirements First complete:
A Tent in the Wasteland
Completion Form a 3-way alliance
between BoS, V24, and NCR.
To be continued...
Rewards Estimated 83,000 XP
0 Caps
0 Karma
0 Items
Repeatable No
Notes Additional chapters planned,
but where is Corosive?

This is the new "Main Quest".

You get this quest by first completing the quest, A Tent in the Wasteland. Once the family leaves their camp site, you encounter an old friend from your vault. You speak with Cira and find out she has instructions for you from your Overseer back in Vault 24, where you and Cira worked together. You might be traumatized by a certain event that transpires during dialogue with her, and this leads you to pursue justice with a passion. 1000 XP

First, you're directed to go to Vault 12 which is on Level 3 under Necropolis, find a certain computer terminal (with blinky lights), and run a program that Cira loaded into your Pip-Boy. 1000 XP. During this process, you play an audio recording in which an ESO Enclave officer named Lieutenant Thompson calls out for anyone to reply. He is obviously looking for something or someone, but logs off because all he hears are zombie noises.

You send some data to your Overseer (probably that audio file), and you find this puzzling. Then you hear footsteps behind you! Someone was spying on you but has made a hasty exit. You're able to track him to a nearby location on The World map. You're sure it's someone sinister, and you suspect they are responsible for the traumatic event with Cira. Go to that location, and fight a "Mysterious Stranger" who is also from a vault. 500 XP.

NOTE: Fighting this slow-walking vault-dweller is on a timer. If you do not beat him soon after his location appears on your map, then the status of this quest is reset back to before you accessed the computer terminal under Necropolis, so you'll need to do that part again.

Next, you are drawn to Vault 15. Find the closest working terminal, download its entire database, and send it back to your vault. You're not sure what significance this has, but you're then drawn to find Vault 8 and try another computer. 1000 XP

At this point you need to go to Vault City's Information Center, and use the computer terminal in the back area. The Information Center is behind the FLC Bank, to the left of the "Servant Allocation Center", in past the gate. You'll need a Day Pass (use Mentats if your IN is under 4) to get in if you're not a member here, or become a member. 1000 XP

From there, your vault Overseer sends you to Gecko to speak with Skeeter to get a part. Get the part from Skeeter and he sends you to talk with someone in Redding but he does not know a name. 1000 XP

Find the blue-suited mysterious stranger in a tent in Redding and give the part to him. In exchange, he gives you a letter to deliver to Councilwoman McClaire at Vault City. Find here in the FLC Bank. There is a promise of reward if you do. 1200 XP

Deliver the message to Councilwoman McClaire, and she gets pretty mad. Argue with her and she sends you to New Reno to talk with Bishop. (Bring 100 Caps to get into the Shark's Club.) 1200 XP

Bishop shows you the place you're to go, to take care of a problem for Councilwoman McClaire. You go there and you're immediately attacked by three vault-dwellers. 1500 XP

Head back to speak again with Councilwoman McClaire at Vault City. She pays you some Caps and sends you back to your Redding contact with a letter. 2500 XP

The vault-dweller in the tent at Redding sends you next to speak with Katrina in the Los Angeles Boneyard Library. 1200 XP

Katrina looks familiar. She will always prompt you to get stronger (you'll need to reach Level 12 to proceed) even if you're already strong. 3000 XP.

If you're Level 12 or higher, talk with Katrina again and she hands you a book to deliver to someone at Hub's post office. 1000 XP

  • The book she hands to you is not a visible item in your Inventory.

Talk with the head postman at Hub (building above the Maltese Falcon), and deliver the book. 1000 XP

  • You might have to try a few different dialogue options to "deliver the book".

The head postman has a letter for you from your Overseer, that includes a warning about someone following you who is very angry. While you're reading it, someone taps you on the shoulder and runs away. 1500 XP

Chase your stalker to the map and find where they went, nearby. You get into a fight immediately when you catch up to the guy who tapped your shoulder. You're surprised to see who he is, and you find a note on him - it turns out he was hired to kill you, and the note indicates where he was to go to be paid. 1000 XP

Track your would-be assassin's employer down by traveling to San Francisco. Finding the right place there can be tricky. Go to a miscellaneous building on the far west edge of town, and find a big tough mobster guy. You have to have a very tough talk with him. 2500 XP

Next, check to see if you have any new mail messages (talk with the head postman at Hub again). 2000 XP

Now your Overseer asks you to hack the Chinese database in San Francisco. Go to the palace sector of town, through the exit grid to the right.

Here, talk to Dr. Wong and ask him for access to the database, which is a VDU console in the lower right corner of the map. Access the VDU console. 2000 XP

To browse the database, you'll need to acquire a password. Go talk with Ken Lee standing in the throne room. 1000 XP

You can buy the password from him for 5000 Caps if you tell him you don`t have enough money, right after he asks you for 10k. 3000 XP

Now you can use the VDU again, and install the "backdoor Trojan" hacking program. It opens communication with your Overseer and you have a troublesome conversation with him, through the VDU. This leads to a little pep-talk from him, ending in the two of you singing a patriotic song together. 2000 XP

He sends you to the Enclave outpost in Navarro to find out about the "men in black armor". Find and talk with the peeing Private who is peeing green near a some rocks with a circular air vent just west from Navarro's entrance. He has no interest in you, until you make up something to put him on high alert. This is your way of getting him to go to an ambush you set up just outside of town. 2000 XP

Gear up for a serious fight. He's Enclave after all, a soldier in Advanced Power Armor.

NOTE: His armor looks like APA, but its text description is Metal Armor Mark II.

He uses energy weaponry against you, so go get some Tesla Armor and a Tesla Helmet for this fight.

If you can defeat him (2000 XP), come back to San Francisco and access the VDU again. You get immediately locked out of the terminal, which warns you to step away. As you do, you get a message to find a Videocom machine in Shady Sands. 2000 more XP.

Find the building with Dorothy and Toto, where the Videocom machine is. Insert your Pip-Boy in the Videocom system and you are prompted to pay to receive an incoming call from "The United States Government". The cost is 1248 Dollars. 2000 XP. You can try inserting Caps but the machine will reject them; it wants old-fashioned coinage. You can buy 1248 Dollars for 12,480 Caps down the street at the FLC Bank (2000 more XP). Talk with the banker there twice to do this, and return to the Videocom terminal.

Via the Videocom, pay to receive the call, which is an interesting, live conversation with your Overseer. He gets your report on the prior mission to Navarro, and sends you to Hub to check your mail for your next assignment. He also warns you there are some Chinese on their way to ambush you when you leave Shady Sands. 2000 XP.

Find the map marker to go fight and beat the Chinese Hit Gang, which is a varied bunch, wielding pistols and melee weapons, and earn approximately 4200 XP from combat.

Return to the Hub Post Office, and pick up your new mail. The Overseer shows you the location of your reward, which is a Safe House with a Mr Handy robot. 3000 XP

Go to your new Safe House and talk with the robot, which connects you to a live conversation with Captain Stone. The two of you are hostile and he indicates a meeting point not far from your new Safe House. 2000 XP.

Meet Captain Jason Stone for a final one-on-one showdown. He has been working with the Enclave this whole time. If you can beat him, you get his Pip-Boy which may have some answers. 3000 XP.

Next, you need somebody to hack the captain's Pip-Boy. Return to Shady Sands and speak with Dorothy the Engineer back near the Videocom machine. 3000 XP. She's not much help, but gives you a clue where to go next, which you guess is down in the Boneyard area, but really is at Cathedral on the west coast.

Talk with the "Old Creepy Priest" in Cathedral. He needs some time to work on Captain Stone's Pip-Boy in his workshop, and sends you back to Hub to check your mail again. That surprises you - who is this guy? 3000 XP.

Check mail, and get two letters, but something is not quite right. There is some confusion about who is who. Meanwhile, whomever it is does not know you had to kill Captain Stone. You're sent back to the Videocom machine at Shady Sands to make a call to your Overseer in your old vault. 3000 XP.

Try to call your Overseer but get prompted three times to accept another call from the US Government. Time to go get some more vintage coins from the Bank down the street so you can see who is calling this time. 3000 XP.

Accept the incoming call and speak with your Overseer. Tell him the bad news about Captain Stone. He's not happy and hangs up on you. 3000 XP.

You're immediately prompted to accept a 2nd call, which sends you back to the Bank for more vintage coins. Pay the charge to accept the 2nd call. The calling party claims to be the president of the United States. He invites you to join the Enclave, and threatens they will get your Pip-Boy one way or another. 3000 XP.

You're in over your head and you know it. Time to seek help from someone more official. Talk with Fergus in NCR's Hall of Congress in Shady Sands. He has already heard of you, which freaks you out a bit, suggesting the Enclave already got to him. Who can you trust? Maybe you need to search for help in shadier places, like the bars in town. 2000 XP.

Find the right guy in Shady Sands in a back room just outside of the gate, and get some advice about how to deal with your Enclave problem. He'll want you to fake your own death, but you know your Overseer will remote-detonate your Pip-Boy if you do that. As you're talking, you both hear the loud rumble of a Vertibird landing nearby. It's them! Run for you life!! 3000 XP.

You exit Shady Sands and see a location nearby highlighted on the map. It's the Enclave ambush, which might be 4 or 5 soldiers in Advanced Power Armor, wielding Energy Weapons! How in the world are you supposed to beat these guys? Psycho and Beer and a good weapon won't be enough - you'll need some help. See if someone tough will help you, and you better find some Tesla Armor first. If you beat them (3500 XP total), you get a message to check your mail again back in Hub.

Your Overseer must still be be pretty upset, because you have no mail, but you do get direction where to go next. 3000 XP.

Head back to Shady Sands, and try to establish a connection via the Videocom machine. To accept your call, your Overseer has to spend 2 hours inserting coins in his Videocom machine, and yes, the call starts badly as he blames you for the death of his son. Talk through it and you both realize the only way to fight the Enclave is to get some serious help. Maybe NCR will be willing, and maybe you can get the Brotherhood of Steel to team up too. 3000 XP.

Go speak with Gunther about the plan, and find NCR willing, but it's not enough - you'll need to go to Lost Hills to get the Brotherhood of Steel on board. 3000 XP.

Talk with a Brotherhood soldier standing guard at their Lost Hills bunker, northwest from Hub. Show him your Pip-Boy to prove you're legit, and tell him you need to meet with their leadership about getting help against the Enclave. He gives you a location nearby. Go there for a meeting.

They arrive in Police Cars and form a defensive circle. An elder awaits in the middle to speak with you. You have to convince him to form a 3-way alliance with NCR and your Vault 24. They agree, but on the condition you leave the California wasteland within 4 years with a woman they name, and start a very special project in the far east, near a famous vault. They call you by your real name, and they seem to know too much about you.

They call you by your real name, which is James, and send you with a woman named Catherine to find Vault 101 and start Project Purity in The Capital Wasteland. You fall in love with Catherine and have a son, who becomes the main hero of Fallout 3. Pretty clever, huh!

When the meeting ends, you're back in Shady Sands. Go tell Gunther the Brotherhood is on board. 3000 XP.

Finally, make a call to your Overseer, and tell him the good news. Get to Level 24 to continue, and get ready for war against the Enclave! 3000 XP.

This concludes Chapter 1 of Blood-Soaked Heroes.